Meet Niyati Sharma – A Real Mom’s Story On Being So Damn ‘Real’

Don’t stress about weight, career and life plans. Take each day as it comes. Don’t try and be the ‘best’ Mom. Be a ‘happy’ Mom. Don’t do things to impress others. Choose to be THAT parent that you always wanted your own parents to be. Talk to people if you need help. Most importantly – you are and will always be more than ‘just a Mom’.


4 Tips for Running a Small Business From Home

Even though the world is slowly turning to having both parents working, there are still plenty of mothers out there who give up their careers in order to stay home and raise the children.

I’m A Better Mom To Two Kids Than I Was To One

My first wobbly steps into motherhood taught me to trust my gut, and I am certain both my children will benefit from having a mother who does.

Moms Don’t only Need ‘Me Time’ – They Need Help

So, do women really need just the ‘me time’ or they need ‘me time’ plus some help and support to be able to enjoy that so-called ‘me time’. Here are six reasons why just ‘me time’ alone is not enough.

I’m Proud To Be A ‘Mean Mom’ Because I Don’t Put Up With Any Crap

Some ‘me’ time is okay, even if you look mean. You are a flesh and blood being, and you also need to recharge your batteries. So if you have decided that particular time of the day is yours, and no one should disturb you then, including your little ones, it is perfectly alright.

Meet Swati Gupta – A Real Mom’s Story On Teaching Life Lessons To Her Son Every Single Day

“Though, I am still learning and trying my best. However, just one tip to all the moms- make your child your friend, share your thoughts, your day spent and you will gradually see the results that your child will also start sharing his/her feelings. Do not judge your child and have trust in them”, says Kavita in our Real Moms Stories

Meet Kavita Singh – A Real Mom’s Story About Mom Guilt, Healthy Eating Habits And More

Nothing can stop you if you really want to work on your career. I understand that it gets a little difficult when you are a new mom but then that’s when the strong support system comes into the picture. Meet Kavita Singh, founder of Momtastic World.

Meet Palak Jain – A Real Mom’s Story On The Perks Of Being A SAHM

“It is also important to have a united front when questions pop-up and the child knows that parents are of the same mind and cannot be played against each other”, says Palak Jain, who dons multiple roles. Palak was a flight attendant before joining an animation studio as the Executive Producer. Currently, working as a stay-at-home-mom.

Meet Robin Lloyd – A Real Mom’s Story On The Willingness To Change And Learn

Being willing to change and learn, when I think I have it figured out I don’t always. But I try to put them first whenever possible and when it is not possible I try to not feel too guilty and remind myself I’m doing my best!

Meet Jhilmil – A Real Mom’s Story From Being A Working Professional To Her Journey As A SAHM

A mom, who makes lots of mistakes, accepts it and moves on for a better tomorrow is a ‘real’ mom. I can never be perfect and I accept with pride and dignity. I don’t want to kill the real person by aiming to be ‘perfect’

4 Mommy Tips To Dry Clothes Indoor Faster In The Rainy Season

Here are awesome mommy-tips to dry clothes indoor faster in the rainy season. Try them out and you can thank me later.

To The Woman At The School Who Shamed Me For Not Filming My Daughter Fast Enough

by Tasneem Dhinojwala This is to that woman at my daughter’s school who shamed me for not filming her fast enough, here is what you should know about me and … Read More

Am I a Bad Mum?

Women and mothers have always been subjected to suffocating scrutiny, judgmental gazes, kitty party gossips and sometimes harsh treatment. How long must we succumb to these unfair deals? Why isn’t a father asked the very same questions that we are choked with?

My Kid Won't Stop Pooping His Pants. Poop Training Isn't Easy

It is every parent’s wish to see their child doing well in life, that they will confide in us as friends, forgive us for our mistakes, blah blah. And then there are those who wish to see their children ‘diaper-free’.

Skin Pranayam For Busy Moms

by Swati Mehra Let me let you in on a beauty secret! I have discovered an ultimate skin pranayam regime for myself all you busy moms out there. Read on … Read More

I didn’t use my voting rights for years. Am I ashamed?

I didn’t use my voting rights for years. I moved out of my hometown for studies once I turned 18, and as a student for the next 5 years had no documents and proofs of residence required to get myself registered as a voter. Am I ashamed?

Meet Ekta Chawla – A Real Mom’s Story On Growing A Parenting Community

We can’t win every battle. We should let go of small things to take charge of bigger decisions. Let’s read this real mom’s story on chasing her dreams!

You are Perfect, Mom

Dear mum, your body has undergone many changes in the months leading to childbirth. That miracle you so lovingly hold in your arms every day is a result of that dramatic change.

Meet Shalu Sharma – A Real Mom’s Story on Sharing Responsibilities

I rely a lot on my cook, my maid, the daycare and the school to be able to devote my time at work and lead a happy, fulfilling life. I do not believe that responsibility of raising a child is solely on a mother.

A Mother’s Voting Guide For Her Son And Daughter

Going into the fifth phase of the 17th Lok Sabha election, here’s a mom who is looking forward to seeing her kids cast their votes for the first time!

Meet Ghazala Yasmin – A Real Mom’s Story on Guiltfree Parenting

I try to overcome my guilt by devoting quality time to kids over weekends, going out for movies and dinner or even a long drive for some street side food and ice-cream. 

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