I’m A Better Mom To Two Kids Than I Was To One

My first wobbly steps into motherhood taught me to trust my gut, and I am certain both my children will benefit from having a mother who does.


I’m Proud To Be A ‘Mean Mom’ Because I Don’t Put Up With Any Crap

Some ‘me’ time is okay, even if you look mean. You are a flesh and blood being, and you also need to recharge your batteries. So if you have decided that particular time of the day is yours, and no one should disturb you then, including your little ones, it is perfectly alright.

Toxic And Bad Mother-Son Relationship Effects Can Be Everlasting. The Story Never Told Before

Did We Hear Mommy-Issues? As a culture, we tend to look at the mother’s influence on the daughter and the father’s effect on the son, thinking that each provides the mirror to either the feminine or masculine self. So, what does it mean when someone has mommy issues?

Am I a Bad Mum?

Women and mothers have always been subjected to suffocating scrutiny, judgmental gazes, kitty party gossips and sometimes harsh treatment. How long must we succumb to these unfair deals? Why isn’t a father asked the very same questions that we are choked with?

Meet Upasana Luthra – A Real Mom’s Story on Being Resilient

In our Real Moms – Real Stories column, Meet renowned mompreneur, Gurgaon-based Upasana Luthra, mom to two teenagers. Read on to know her beautiful story on raising a special needs … Read More

10 Famous And Popular Moms And Their Daughters

There are some mother-daughter duos we love to hear and talk about. They create a buzz wherever they go.

20 Stunning Mother and Baby Shoot Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

The real treasure of anyone’s life, sweet memories are more precious than diamonds. And if those memories happen to be of a mother and your baby then nothing can compare.

The Ultimate Mother and Child Night Time Guide

The bond between a mother and child is special. Motherhood is a blessing, and being a new mom to a little one is the sweetest of all, a blessing.

10 Emotional Mother and Son Bonding Quotes Which Will Make You Cry

The bond between a mother and son is a special one. Whether you have one that is born from your womb or one that is born from your heart, a child is special.

3 Life lessons I learnt from my child

I knew everything there was to know about life, lessons it has to teach. I thought I had learnt all the life lessons, before I had my son. But a short while after my son Harshal turned one, I realized how little I knew about the word called ‘life’.

Top 6 awesome ways to calm yourself as a mother

A smiling mom doesn’t mean she is happy and content. You never know what is happening within her. Raising a child is a right test of patience and perseverance.

A letter to my daughter on her first birthday

To my soon-to-be one-year-old daughter..

10 Awesome products I wish I had as a first-time mom

‘Sleep when your baby sleeps’, ‘Take lots of green vegetables’, ‘Do not lift heavy goods’ etc., are some of the common advises given to an expectant mother.

Meet Jaya Bhattacharji Rose – A real mom’s story on negotiating her way through parenting

Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, mother to a seven-year-old girl is an an international publishing consultant, and a full-time caregiver of a paralyzed mother-in-law.

A letter to my future daughter

To my future daughter, my little darling, there are still a few weeks to go before I see you, but I had thought I’d write a quick letter to you.

Meet Aarti Singh – A real mom’s story on balanced parenting

Aarti K. Singh is a work-from-home mother and a research scholar (Yes! she dared to pursue a Ph.D. with a young child). They have a 9-year-old boy. She and her son and lives with her foster parents.

Starting a mom blog – 5 Crucial steps to keep in mind

Blogging is a great way of making money and this trend is slowly picking up in India as well.

Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act: Is it Enough to Deal with Maternity Expenses?

Extension of maternity leaves has placed India in the league of wealthy nations who have some promising benefits for new mothers.

A letter to my aging mom

Dear Mom, They say no time or no moment is good or bad to thank your mom!

Top 6 secrets to having a natural birth

It’s the joyful moment for a woman when she knows she is pregnant. An occasion filled with immense happiness of life.

Top 10 single mom quotes to live by

Am I up to the challenge of single mom? Well the answer is yes. Before you get me judging, no this is not the life I wanted.

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