Dear Son – It’s Time You Know That Your Dad Is Suffering From Depression

8:00 AM… Breakfast on table…Check; 8:15 AM…Getting the son ready for school …Check; 8:30 AM…Packing his bag and his tiffin box …Check; 8:32 AM…Running to switch off the stove…But the boiling milk pours out and so do my tears…Evaporation…Check; Breakdown…Check!


The Joy Of Fatherhood – First Ten Years

To be honest, I tried looking for that joy. I asked other new fathers, my own dad, and went up on the internet trying to figure out ‘that joy’ looked and felt like. I did not feel joy. Period!

My Father Is My Hero – A Story Of Love, Regrets and Gratitude

There is an umbilical cord that connects a baby to its mother and let it stay connected to its mother for nine months. But I often wonder, which cord connects the baby to its father. Maybe an invisible cord from the heart!

Over 10 simple Father’s Day crafts

Ditch the traditional amazon gifts. What better gift for your dad that is handmade and personalized?

Top 6 handmade Father’s Day cards

In the era of technology, this Father’s Day, let’s gift our dads with simple, quirky and handmade Father’s Day Cards and make him feel like a Prince.

Top 10 celebrity dads who are crazy about parenting

We mostly talk about celebrity moms and their parenting style and how they are managing their kids and work. Well, we never thought about the celebrity dads who also take out time to spend with their kids besides their hectic work schedules.

Pregnancy – The Father’s Role

We’re all familiar with the popular mother-and-child image. That archetype has been the subject of paintings, sculptures, and photographs from the Renaissance all the way up to modern times.

Top 5 must reads for the expectant father

Becoming a father can make you a nervous wreck. Every time you look at your father, you’ll wonder how he managed to raise you.

10 Awesome ways for dad and babies to bond with each other

Toni Morrison once posed a question to all parents, “When your child walks in the room, does your face light up?”

Vox Pop 2 – When Kids Leave You Stumped

It is not for nothing that wisdom tells us that “child is the father of man”. We promise more fun in the part two of our vox pop series!

Vox Pop 1 – When Kids Leave You Stumped

It is not for nothing that wisdom tells us that “child is the father of man”.

12 Cute and free printable Father’s Day cards

While it is a great idea to recognize and sometimes reward our parents (and ourselves) every day for the responsibilities we continue to fulfill.

4 Important expectations from a father for raising children through positive parenting

Dads are special. In a lot of ways. My dad is special too. He is someone who has always helped others, setting a right example for his kids and others.

ThankYouSuperDad Contest Winner

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on June 24, 2015 Congratulations to our lucky winner! Your exciting gift will reach you soon.     You might also like: [display-posts tag=”quiz-and-contest” image_size=”thumbnail” posts_per_page=”5″ … Read More

Fathers Day Super Quiz is here

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Love that would go hiding on a busy day! – Father’s Day special

As a part of the #ThankYouSuperDad series, we bring to you a daughter’s letter about her early childhood memories. Read on to know more about the bond shared between a daughter and her father in today’s Father’s Day Special post!

6 Best and inspirational Happy Father’s Day Quotes

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on June 20, 2015 On the occasion of Father’s Day, as a part of our #ThankYouSuperDad series, we bring to you 6 best quotes for … Read More

2 Gorgeous Father’s Day poems from a daughter

A doting figure, everyone’s dear. You are a man of words, with everything so clear.

Celebrating fathers

There’s something special about a dad, they’re different. Not in a strange way, they’re not weirdos! Well, sometimes they can be, that’s usually when they’re doing dad things

My Dad and the ant hill

It was one of those amazing colorful fall days. The air was crisp but the sun nice and warm. We’ve been out there on one of our usually hikes with a picnic in the middle of it as a highlight.

A girl’s first love

It’s true, you know, a girl’s first love will inevitably be her father. He will be the benchmark for pretty much every male in her life. Some aren’t lucky, they don’t get the most perfect example of man to look up to.

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