What causes ear infection in babies?

by Ila Asthana

What causes ear infection in babies and ways and when to call the doctor? Read on to know

New moms can get really concerned when they hear about babies ear infection. However, there is nothing to be worried about, as it is pretty common in the whole world. It can even happen to the same baby more than once. The sooner you detect this problem, the less discomfort you and your little one would experience. It is always useful to pay attention to clear signs and symptoms. For example, your baby will also be grapping and pulling her ears more frequently. Also, you need to be concerned when your little one becomes fussier than usual and faces more sleep difficulties. ear infection in babies 01

Are you hearing this from your little one? ‘Mamma, it hurts and I am unable to bear the pain’ – A relentless unpleasant conversation between the mother and the children. A continuous pain in the ear leading to discomfort and crankiness in the children is a cause of definite worry. 

In the scientific terms, an ear infection is an inflammation of the middle ear, generally caused by bacterial or fungal infections. This usually occurs when the fluid increases behind the ear drum. This is scientifically referred as Otitis Media. Children are more prone to ear infections because of the constant interaction with other children and other environmental elements. ear infection in babies 02

If you have a toddler, who doesn’t talk yet, he or she might end up being cranky or your little one might complaint about the persistent pain in the ear. A very simple ear ache could be a visible sign of the ear infection in kids. A sore ear, a problem in consuming food and increase in temperature is also some of the visible signs and symptoms of ear infection in kids. Fussiness, problem in sleeping, trouble in hearing and responding to subtle sounds is a watch out signal for a serious ear infection.

An ear infection is usually caused by bacterial growth in the middle ear. A part where tiny bones transmit sound from the ear drum to the inner ear. The middle ear produces secretions which typically channel back to the throat through the eustachian tube. Sometimes, when the fluid doesn’t drain and creates a damp environment for the bacterial germs to breed. These breeding bacteria or viruses causing the ear infection can lead to massive pain and crankiness in kids.

Sometimes ear infections are hereditary in nature and run in the family. Just like any other ability, the toughness and strength of the ear muscles and how much they open and close and how efficiently they function depends on the genes. At times, the ear infections are also caused by the external congestion of the dust and pollution, leading to the clutter in the eustachian tube and ear infection. A constant exposure to toxic smoke inside and outside the house, milk from a bottle or an interaction with other children in the daycare; all these could also lead to harmful ear infections. 

Children of the age from 6 to 18 months are more prone to ear infections. As they grow the anatomy of the ear are angled perfectly with the other organs of the body and the risk of getting an ear infection declines steadily. It is better to consult a doctor immediately the moment ear infection begins. Untreated or ignored ear infections lead to dangerous and life-threatening diseases in children. Remember the only way the pediatrician can find the cause of the ear infection, whether it is bacterial or virus, is through injecting a needle and testing the fluid from the middle ear. Unfortunately, your little one would have to bear a little pain while sucking the fluid out.Ear infection in babies 03

The most common treatments of ear infections are pain medication, wait and watch the improvement in the health, warm compress, and antibiotics. It is always said, prevention is better than cure. It is important to develop a proper personal hygiene, doesn’t get exposed to the cigarette smoke or any kind of toxic material. Ensure all the vaccines are given to the child at the right time. 



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