Should You Teach Your Kids To Fail?

Children are going into depression at an early age because they didn’t get the required marks. Our kids come crying or disappointed, and it’s our instinct to get defensive and make them feel protected. What is all this? Just failure to cope with failure!


7 Indoor Games And Kids Activities That Are Most Enjoyed By Them

I have grown up playing these kids activities and my son loves them too. Are your kids having fun playing these games indoors?

My Good Savings Plan Helped Me Raising Kids Like A Super Mom!

I have always been a careful spender. Raising kids means planning and managing my finances well in advance.

Stomach Aches And Other Hidden Symptoms Of Childhood Anxiety

Do you know that a common problem like stomach ache can be one of the symptoms of childhood anxiety? Anxiety is a normal reaction of body and mind to anything threatening or dangerous. Anxiety is a very natural human response and everybody feels anxious at some point in time in their life.

5 Ways To Help An Introverted Child Have More Confidence

Want to help the introverted child to build confidence in him/herself? Prepare the child for social interactions and new situations. Introduce the child to new situations in a slow way. Read on to know 5 doable ways of raising an introverted child in an extroverted world.

6 Everyday Rituals Which Mean A Lot To Kids

In our everyday lives, right from the time we wake up, to the last few hours before your children retire to bed, there are umpteen rituals which your children are learning on a daily basis.

My Mother-In-Law Acts Like She Only Has One Grandchild – Her Grandson!

So to all the grandparents who are judgemental and favors favoritism, cronyism or whichever “ism”, as a parent, in fact as a mother, it is my humble and earnest request to you – ‘Stop Being Mean’

What To Do When Others Judge Your Parenting – 5 Strategies To Adopt

The list of unsolicited advice and criticism on your parenting can be endless. And frustrating, depressing and unwanted, making you feel helpless and at a receiving end all the time, especially if you are first time parent.

The Joy Of Fatherhood – First Ten Years

To be honest, I tried looking for that joy. I asked other new fathers, my own dad, and went up on the internet trying to figure out ‘that joy’ looked and felt like. I did not feel joy. Period!

My Father Is My Hero – A Story Of Love, Regrets and Gratitude

There is an umbilical cord that connects a baby to its mother and let it stay connected to its mother for nine months. But I often wonder, which cord connects the baby to its father. Maybe an invisible cord from the heart!

10 Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Kids

The human brain is one of the greatest mystery on earth. There are millions and trillions of thoughts which crosses each other every nanosecond. Some stay at a conscious level, some at the subconscious and some in the unconscious mind.

Are You Stressed Out Parents? 5 Signs That It Is Impacting Your Child

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.

Meet Upasana Luthra – A Real Mom’s Story on Being Resilient

In our Real Moms – Real Stories column, Meet renowned mompreneur, Gurgaon-based Upasana Luthra, mom to two teenagers. Read on to know her beautiful story on raising a special needs … Read More

7 Unique and Surprising Ways Mothers Can Bond More with Their Sons

So, how do you live up to your son’s idea of a hero? No, you don’t have to dress up as Spiderman or buy him ice cream every night, you can do some other simple things to spend more time with your son and be more involved in his interests.

10 Powerful Acts of Love and Kindness which Define Parenting

Studies show clear evidence of parenting influence on children’s psyche, development, and formation of their character.

4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Financial Headaches

It can be hard to find anything to alleviate the pain that these curve-balls can bring on, but there are ways that you can make your financial struggles a little bit easier.

Top 3 Parenting Issues in India and Ways to Overcome Them

It cannot be that you give birth and the children just grow up on their own. It is similar to tending to a plant if you want it to grow and blossom.

5 Ways to Show Love to Your Child

While saying I love you is important – showing that we love our children is equally important. Kids feel secure when parents embrace them. Apart from bear hugs, you can show love to your child in these following amazing 5 ways.

Role Good Education Plays in Your Child’s Future

The idea of quality education is to give the child the knowledge and skills required to function in the society. Children must have a good education, so they can grow up to be a good and responsible citizen.

Why Do Children get Leukaemia – Now We Have an Answer

For an immune system to work properly, it needs to be confronted by an infection in the first year of life.

5 Critical Millennial Parenting Skills While Raising Today’s Kids

Being a parent today is an enormous task just by itself. Millennial generation is tackling parenting differently than generation before. The skills are sought-after.

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