4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms And How Does Your Baby Look Like

After reading this and even before you miss your period, you can hope or suspect that you are pregnant. All you got to do is read on to know about the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms.


I’m Envious Of Moms With Bigger ‘Baby Bumps’

I vividly remember that day, sitting in a reputed Bangalore hospital, waiting patiently for my turn to visit the gynecologist for a regular routine check-up, and each time I saw an expecting mother I wondered and even envied their bigger baby bumps.

Overcome Secondary Infertility After 35 Using Donor Egg IVF

“I want two children – a boy and a girl.” “I want three children, each about two years apart.” Many of us make these declarations as we grow up and look forward to adulthood – parenthood, in particular.

Friend or Foe – How Pregnancy Can Reveal Your True Friends

When you are single, you have all your friends to hang out with, and share some laughs and gossip with.

7 Daily Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

You are going to be a mom soon, in some months you will be holding your little bundle of joy! But, these 7 things that you do on daily basis should definitely be avoided while you are pregnant.

10 Pregnancy hacks that will change your life

Every woman dreams to sail through the mesmerizing, magical and memorable phase pregnancy.

7 Critical flying tips for pregnant women

Travelling during your pregnancy can sometimes be stressful — but it doesn’t have to be.

Earliest and weirdest signs of pregnancy

As women we are very well-aware of the most common signs of pregnancy. Some of them are so common that they have become cliched scenes in Hollywood and Bollywood movies!

5 Incredible things your baby learns in the womb

Pregnancy is, without doubt, amazing.

5 Changing trends of pregnancy care

Those months when you are nurturing a new life inside of you is very crucial – physically, mentally and emotionally.

6 Homemade DIY pregnancy tests

Still unsure whether you are pregnant or not? Or perhaps, didn’t get enough time to buy a commercial pregnancy test kit to check it?

10 Amazingly simple home remedies for morning sickness

Pregnancy – A Life-changing phase of a woman’s life. A heavenly roller-coaster journey filled with myriads of emotions and bodily changes.

Pregnancy – The Father’s Role

We’re all familiar with the popular mother-and-child image. That archetype has been the subject of paintings, sculptures, and photographs from the Renaissance all the way up to modern times.

5 Mind-blowing pregnancy diet tips

I am sure, by now you must have gathered bits and pieces of information from friends, family and through Internet on what-to-eat during pregnancy.

Top 6 secrets to having a natural birth

It’s the joyful moment for a woman when she knows she is pregnant. An occasion filled with immense happiness of life.

Frequently asked questions about labour

All pregnant women wish for a normal delivery and, therefore, it is important to be informed about every aspect related to pregnancy. Here are some FAQs that will prepare you for the d-day.

Keeping it natural – This Delhi hospital encourages VBAC and normal deliveries

Changing the experience of delivering- This Delhi hospital says ‘yes’ to VBAC and normal deliveries and ‘no’ to C-Sec.

Frequency of baby kicks during the 35th week of pregnancy

The 35th week of pregnancy is an exciting time, especially for first-time mothers.

Can stress cause premature birth or preterm labour?

Stress hormones play a huge role in the development of your unborn child. These hormones hit the roof when you are stressed or depressed.

How to sleep better during the 30th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tough, yet it is filled with joy and excitement. Your body undergoes a number of changes during this time.

8 Things you might not know about natural birth

Let’s be practical. No delivery is painless. Natural birth or C-section, no kind of labor is easy and any less than an accomplishment.

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