Baby Space – Digital Ecosystem For Family Planning, Pregnancy, And Childcare

We have been writing for mothers and about mothers for nearly seven years now. In the process, we have come across numerous parenting blogs, websites, and online shops for kids which are established with an intention to deliver quality service. Today, we are introducing a venture that provides 24*7 support to pregnant women and new mothers in enabling them in finding a solution to their problems through our #VocalforLocal initiative. Baby Space, founded by Carina is a virtual family for mothers that talk about anything that is closely and remotely connected to babies. Be it adoption, infertility, infanthood, toddlers, or postpartum issues, they have you covered.

Baby Space:

Baby Space - Founder Carina
Carina Kohli, Founder of Baby Space

A little bit about your inspiration behind starting the business/venture?

Baby Space is a digital healthcare ecosystem for family planning, pregnancy, and childcare. We have a board of experts that consists of experienced doctors, specialists, and experts across various professions including gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, lactation, psychiatry, and nutrition. Baby Space currently offers doctor/expert verified content. In addition, we have a community portal where users can interact (anonymously if preferred) with each other and doctors/experts. In the last 3 months since launch, we have 5000+ active users.

We are currently in phase 2 of building our product; our mobile app and new web app should be ready in September, stay tuned!

Carina Kohli shares her journey.

As someone who has had PCOS since the age of 14, I realized that there was an absence of open conversation, and a lack of verified information about fertility, IVF, and several other topics available specific to the Indian demographic. When I returned to Mumbai after my undergrad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, I spent months speaking to 350+ mothers and parents to understand their needs and experience of parenthood. After these insightful conversations, I realized that this lack of information was just the tip of the iceberg.

In India, access to appropriate healthcare, medical healthcare practitioners and support predominantly depends on one’s socio-economic strata and geographic location. Our mission is to digitally facilitate access to the holistic healthcare one needs regardless of one’s background. Meanwhile, we build an educative and supportive community as well.

Baby Space

How has COVID-19 affected your business and what do you think lies for your brand in the future?

The impact COVID-19 has had on pregnant mothers and new parents has been extremely difficult. They have felt isolated and afraid, and unable to receive the support and help they need.

In turn, at Baby Space we have tried to provide support, care and guidance at this time. We regularly update our users with guidelines, vaccination information and tips on how to navigate this pandemic better when pregnant or with young children at home. We facilitate 24×7 support and provide hygiene guides, tips, recipes, advice and function as a personal care advocate for them.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to budding local businesses? 

The one piece of advice I would give to any budding entrepreneur or local business is – “keep going!” There are many ups and downs in rollercoaster that is the start-up world. Don’t let a “no” ever get you down. Keep building, keep going and keep creating. As long as you’re adding value to the lives of your users – you are doing something right.

To know more about Baby Space, visit their website. If you have a homegrown venture and would like to be featured in our #VocalForLocal segment, fill the Vocal for Local sign-up form.

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