4 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms And How Does Your Baby Look Like

“I didn’t know I was 4 weeks pregnant,” said a friend at a coffee meetup and then the other one chipped in saying, “I didn’t know I was pregnant, and I ate some papaya!”. Well! 4 Weeks pregnancy symptoms are hard to figure! Unless one is really REALLY trying, it’s sort of difficult to know at this stage if one is pregnant or not. For a few women, signs, and symptoms of pregnancy appear in the first few weeks after they have conceived. To be honest, I have known of third-time mothers who are unaware of one-month pregnancy symptoms!

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms - Cramps

But, I have got some news for you. After reading this blog and even before you miss your period, you can hope or suspect that you are pregnant. All you got to do is read on to know about the 4 weeks pregnant symptoms. But, do note that these symptoms can vary in their frequency, intensity plus duration. 

We have noted below one-month pregnancy symptoms but they are just a guideline.

Many 4 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms are Similar to Your Routine Pre-Menstrual Discomforts 

1.  Breasts Say a Lot!

This is one of the main 4 weeks pregnant symptoms. Just after two weeks of conception, hormonal changes might make your breasts tender or sore. Your breasts might even feel heavier and fuller.

2. Are You Unusually Tired?

If you are feeling tired and sleepy then you might be expecting. These 4 weeks pregnant symptoms should not be ignored. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, progesterone levels soar and you might feel sleepy because of this. Apart from this, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels plus increased blood production can sap your energy during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

3. Don’t Take Cramps Lightly

If you have been planning then these 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms are something you must watch out for. This vaginal bleeding or spotting is also called implantation bleeding and it occurs when the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus lining. It is much lighter in colour than your normal period plus doesn’t last that long. Few women even experience cramps during as one-month of pregnancy symptoms. These cramps are like your menstrual cramps. 

4. Smells Getting On You?

For a few women, the queasiness can start within two weeks after they have conceived. Pregnant women experience nausea because of rapidly rising levels of estrogen. You will also have a heightened sense of smell if you are expecting, so different odours like perfume, food cooking or cigarette smoke may lead to nausea. 

5. Don’t Blame the Sun

If you are experiencing frequent and mild headaches (especially in the mornings) then you might be pregnant. In the early weeks of pregnancy, there is increased blood circulation because of hormonal changes and this causes frequent and mild headaches. Don’t just take them lightly and call them your usual migraines or exposure to too much light.

6. Obvious One – Missed Them

This is one of those 4 weeks pregnant symptoms that often cause women to look out for other signs and symptoms of pregnancy. This is the best time to do a pregnancy test and confirm whether you are expecting or not. 

Now that you know about 4 weeks pregnant symptoms, let me tell you how your baby is looking like at 4 weeks.

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms - 4 weeks emryo

Your little bundle of joy is quickly growing at this point in time. As an embryo, it has two layers, namely the epiblast and the hypoblast. The other parts which develop during this time of pregnancy are the amnion sac and the yolk sac. During this period, the vascular network of your baby is developing and helping in nutrients, blood and oxygen transportation from you to your baby through the umbilical cord. Your baby currently measures 0.4mm lengthwise, which is approximately the size of an apple seed.  

We hope that after reading this blog on 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms, you will be able to understand your pregnancy journey in a much better manner. We wish you good luck with this beautiful phase of your life.

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