Top 6 secrets to having a natural birth

by Ila Asthana

Some hidden secrets to natural birth you should implement in your pregnancy lifestyle

It’s the joyful moment for a woman when she knows she is pregnant. An occasion filled with immense happiness of life. Soon after the excitement mode is off, the reality checks in and most often, pregnant women are filled with countless question about their pregnancy and post-pregnancy period. One of the common worries of all the mothers-to-be is the process of baby birth.natural birth secrets 01

Natural birth or C-section? Drug-free delivery or epidural? All through the pregnancy phase, they keep questioning themselves about this subject. Sadly, many at times, women try to convince themselves that they cannot bear the pain of Natural Birth Procedure and mentally prepare themselves for C-Section. The truth is the women who go through C-section or take an epidural injection, have a greater incidence of risk scenarios to get the baby out than the natural birth. The drugs and injections, might impact positively in the current phase, but shows distasteful effects on the Mother’s health in the long term.

If you are a pregnant woman or planning for a pregnancy, here are some hidden secrets of natural birth. Certainly, recommend you to implement in your pregnancy lifestyle.

1. Fitness mantra:

Be fit to stay fit. Yes! A fitness regime is a must. Gain weight, but in moderation. Have a healthy physical lifestyle. Stay in shape to have a healthy and a shorter labor period. Stay physically active.  Fitness improves endurance, which is a must for natural birth. If you could build stamina to tolerate the delivery pain, you would need very less medical assistance during post-pregnancy period.

2. Food habits:

Watch your food habits from the initial stage of your pregnancy. Just before your labor, have a little snack. Yet, avoid fatty or gassy products. This will give your energy to push during labor. Don’t over eat just before your delivery, so that you don’t feel nauseated during your labor.natural birth secrets 02

3. Research; Choose your hospital and doctor:

A gynecologist or a pediatrician is the most important part of a woman’s life. Pick them after you have a background knowledge about the doctor. It is very easy to simply make a cut and deliver the baby. It is very important to choose a hospital and doctor, who appreciate and recommend the natural process of birth. Choose a hospital, which can handle any type of emergency scenarios.

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4. Pre-natal classes:

Along with your partner, most doctors advise pregnant women to take up pre-natal classes. This will help them to understand the natural birth process and give clarity to their confusions and questions in their mind. Many doctors also recommend reading lots of pregnancy books about natural birth.natural birth secrets 03

5. During labor:

For the first-time mothers, labor is scary and usually ranges from 12-14 hours. So try to stay calm and composed when your contractions begin. It would begin just like your menstrual cramps. Do not fret. Don’t panic. Everything happening in your body is a nature’s way of birth. Take a walk or shower. Loose and relax yourself. Focus on your breath during your labor. Remember, if you dread, it will impact your little one.

6. Stay positive:

Every woman’s pregnancy story is different. What has happened to your friend, might not happen to you. Don’t compare your life instance with your other family member or friend’s life. Express yourself to your partner and be a support system for each other. You are here to write your own tale and embrace your bundle of joy. Hence, it’s vital to remain positive and always create a positive environment around yourself.natural birth secrets 04

It is very unfortunate to witness the decreasing number of natural births and increasing number of C-section. With advanced technology and medical assistance, C-section might be a shortcut and pain-free delivery procedure, but nothing can replace the natural birth process and its impact on the mother’s health.

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