Friend Or Foe – How Pregnancy Can Reveal Your True Friends

When you are single, you have all your friends to hang out with and share some laughs and gossip with. As you mature, your goals start to change, from seeing who can get the most phone numbers at the bar, to genuinely wanting to meet someone of substance who you can build a life with.

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Once you do meet that special person, you may find that a lot of your friends have also met that special someone as well, but then again, you also have friends who haven’t hit that milestone in their life yet. Just because your friends may not be on the same level as you, that doesn’t mean that your friends must come to an end. There will be certain dynamics in the friendship that will change, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop talking or spending time together.

The change in your friendship dynamic really becomes apparent when it comes to the birth of a child. Kids really do change things. They not only change marriages, but they can also take a toll on friendships as well. This life change can have a positive effect on your friendships or a negative one. When it takes a negative effect, you’ll slowly start to see old friends fall out of touch.

People will be throwing you parties that include those charming, baby boy diaper cakes, instead of cakes made with alcohol. Those are only temporary changes, but it can be a huge shock, and a real let down, for a friend who was your partying partner before marriage and pregnancy to realize that life isn’t going to be like that anymore.

The bottom line is, as you grow and experience major life changes, you’ll be able to see who is really there for you, and willing to go along the journey with you. If you’ve noticed changes in the dynamics of certain friendships since your pregnancy, pay attention to the signs they might be displaying…they might not be your friend anymore.

How pregnancy can reveal your true friends? Well, read these 3 sure-shot signs:

1. Doesn’t check on you

A true friend will check up on you, pregnant or not. It may not be an everyday type of communication, especially if there is distance involved, but there will be communication. We all have friends that you may not talk to every day, but when you do talk, it’s just like you’re picking up where you left off.

When it comes to pregnancy, your friend should definitely be putting in more effort to check up on you, whether you talk often or not. At the bare minimum, they should be asking you questions like how you’re feeling. Your friends that have been with you from the beginning will want to know all the real nosy details like what were your early pregnancy symptoms, and jokingly ask if you’re sure that it’s yours! That’s just simply being a good, supportive friend, and showing compassion.

2. Isn’t genuinely happy for you

When you first told your friends you were pregnant, what was their reaction? That’s something you definitely want to pay attention to because their reaction can possibly set the tone for their attitude towards your pregnancy. They may initially seem thrilled, but time will reveal their true feelings. So pay attention.

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3. Doesn’t come around anymore

This is a huge sign, especially for friends who normally come and hang around you often. Sometimes friends feel jealous, and it’s common, but that’s when it’s important for them to have conversations with you about how they feel. Sometimes they feel like the baby is taking their friend away from them when that’s not the case. It’s just one of those life changes that happen, and if they can’t adjust, then maybe you don’t really need them in your life anyway.

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