5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

One of the primary indicators of pregnancy that many women anticipate before opting for a pregnancy test is a skipped menstrual cycle. However, this occurrence might occur weeks after conception has taken place. Furthermore, it can easily evade detection for several months, particularly for individuals with a background of PCOD or irregular menstruation patterns. Detecting pregnancy symptoms early is advantageous for various reasons. Hence, it’s crucial to recognize the initial signs promptly.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

As you conceive, your body undergoes some subtle changes due to the release of pregnancy hormones such as hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Some women are able to sense their pregnancy from the very moment they conceive a baby. But the majority of women who find it difficult can identify these symptoms. These pregnancy symptoms before missed periods help them to be prepared. Note that taking a pregnancy test at this early stage may not yield accurate results. Moreover, all these subtle signs are not pregnancy-specific and might be due to an underlining health issue. Therefore, we recommend that you speak to your health care provider to confirm the news.

First symptoms of pregnancy before missed periods:

TCT brings to you five first symptoms of pregnancy even before you miss your periods. So, take a look at these sure-shot signs right away for a healthy pregnancy. Since every pregnancy is different and symptoms can vary from woman to woman, you might have all the following symptoms or only some of them:

1. Tiredness

Experiencing increased fatigue towards the end of the day is among the initial indications of pregnancy you may notice. For women accustomed to busy schedules, recognizing this symptom might prove challenging due to existing fatigue. However, abrupt metabolic shifts can lead to a noticeable decline in energy levels, resulting in significant tiredness even from minor tasks. It’s common to find yourself nodding off earlier than usual as a result.

Feeling fatigued -Conception symptom

2. Breast changes

It is one of those changes that you will be able to see and experience. As soon as you conceive, the blood supply in the breast area increases significantly as part of your body’s preparation for the baby. As a result, you will observe that your breasts have become bigger and the veins around your breasts will become more pronounced. The areolas will be darker and you may also feel soreness in the breasts.

3. Menstrual like cramps and bloating

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Experiencing cramps and bloating is often mistakenly interpreted by many women as the onset of their period, as these symptoms are frequently linked with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). However, upon conception, many women encounter cramps and bloating due to significant hormonal shifts in their bodies. Additionally, approximately 20-25% of women may notice spotting or implantation bleeding just days before their expected period. Consequently, these signs of pregnancy are frequently disregarded and underestimated, despite being common indicators of pregnancy.

4. Nausea

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Some women will start feeling nauseated from the very beginning of their pregnancy.. Irrespective of the time, you may suddenly feel like vomiting. You might find it difficult to tolerate the smell and taste of certain food items which you liked before. It can even start as early as the week you conceive. This is one of the most common first symptoms of pregnancy before the missed periods.

5. Spotting

Implantation bleeding or spotting is another common pregnancy symptom before missed periods. This occurs when the fertilized egg is attached to the lining of the uterus. Often seen as a brownish pink spotting or mild bleeding, this is one of the symptoms of pregnancy that is misunderstood as periods. Hence it leads to late detection of pregnancy.

These are a few first symptoms of pregnancy that can tell you the good news before you miss the periods. However, these are all bases for anticipation, not confirmations. Hence you should do a home pregnancy test and consult a doctor if it comes positive. Did you have similar pregnancy symptoms before missed periods? Tell us in the comments below.

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