10 Pregnancy Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Every woman dreams to sail through the mesmerizing, magical, and memorable phase of her life aka pregnancy. Each pregnancy is unique and every single woman who is on her way to motherhood will experience it her own way, some might face hiccups, while others might have smooth ones. There are lots of challenges and lifestyle changes to-be-mom experiences or has to accommodate. For instance, visiting the toilet multiple times in the night, waking up too early morning sickness, the discomfort of bending, sleeping on the right or left – every single night for the next 9 months. What if we told you that after implementing these pregnancy hacks, your life might change?

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Trying to function as normal with a huge belly is a task in itself. Nonetheless, there are hundreds of hacks that would help make the nine-months journey an easier and more effortless one. Yes, you can hack your way to a happy healthy pregnancy.

Read on to know the most popular and the best 10 pregnancy hacks that will change your life.

10 Amazing pregnancy hacks:

1. Home remedy for itchy skin

Guess what? No fancy oil or any treatment for skin rashes and itching can help as much as this remedy which is in your own kitchen. Go, grab the bottle of kitchen oil (cooking oil). Gently apply a few drops on the itching patch after the shower. 

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2. Food craving

It is essential that pregnant women eat in moderation. If you are going through the phase of ‘never having to stop eating’, we suggest you have a glass of lemonade and a pack of homemade potato wafers on days your food cravings are driving you mad. You could also opt for ragi (finger millets) which keeps one full for a long long time. The continuous craving to constantly munch something needs to stop.

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3. Tubular for pregnant ladies

Yes, the swimming tube is the most used props for a good night’s sleep. If you have the habit of sleeping on the side, then you don’t need any assistance. But if you are someone who has always slept on the tummy, it is time you grab a tubular. Cover the tube with comfortable and soft blankets and have a good night’s sleep on our tummy.

4. Bra extensions

Get it straight, if you are pregnant, your breast size is definitely going to increase. And, this is unavoidable. Maternity bras can take a huge hit on your wallet. The most intelligent and wise way is to buy bra extenders and attach them to your existing bras. Spend less on maternity clothes as they might soon go through an existential crisis.

5. Emergency supply kit

When you are in the middle of the second trimester and entering your third trimester, it is essential to always have a pack bag (hospital bag) of the emergency supplies kit ready. This should include prescribed medicines, and necessary items for the baby as well as the mother.

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6. Kitchen tongs in the toilet

This might sound a little hilarious, but a useful hack. When you are pregnant, it is very difficult to bend and pick up things that you spot on the floor. In the bathroom, if the soap slips while you are taking a bath or your own earring… Kitchen tongs can be helpful in picking things up. Helpful, isn’t it?

7. Salt to fix the swollen feet

Swollen feet are a natural sign and symptom that is seen in most pregnant women. Consuming more salt leads to water retention and swelling of the feet. Soak your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water and a tablespoon of sea or Epsom salt, and fix the swollen feet immediately. In fact, as a pregnant woman, it is always good to do this, at least once a week during the second and third trimester. Make it a habit and you shall never have swollen feet.

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8. Home remedy for acid reflux

Dear pregnant mama, when I was expecting, I always had a bottle of apple cider vinegar in my kitchen pantry. Consuming one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water on an empty stomach, and it helped me combat the constant discomfort of acid reflux during pregnancy.

9. Leg spasms

Leg spasms are very common side effects of pregnancy. Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes, as well as bananas. This will help to heal leg spasms immediately. Keep the body functioning in the most efficient manner by keeping yourself hydrated. 

10. Pee before brushing

Yes, this is true factually as well as logically. When you are pregnant, the bladder is constantly full. The sensation to pee is relentless. The bladder is not your best friend. So, it is always to finish the toilet tasks before brushing the teeth so that the body is dry and comfortable for you. 

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