5 Changing trends of pregnancy care

Five things you can expect in modern prenatal care as a part of the changing trend in today’s pregnancy care

Those months when you are nurturing a new life inside of you is very crucial – physically, mentally and emotionally. Over the years, there has been a substantial change in the way pregnant women are cared for. From blind beliefs to researched facts, from home births to having a medical practitioner by your side – there are many such things that changed over the course of time to make pregnancy a safer and a better experience.Pregnancy care 01

Here are a few more things you can expect in modern prenatal care which were non-existent in your grandmother’s time:

1. Diet and nutrition:

Pregnant women were urged to eat quite often because they were considered to be the only source of nutrition for the babies in the womb. But as more and more studies emerged about the ill-effects (gestational diabetes, increased chances of giving birth to obese babies) of overeating during pregnancy, the ideal diet for moms changed drastically. You need not more than 200 calories in your third trimester and your diet should be high in protein and vitamins.

2. Birthing classes:

Rather than filling your head with suggestions and advice from your friends and relatives in the days that lead up to birthing your child, you can get all your concerns and doubts cleared by professionals. Birthing classes will allow you to understand the changes happening in your body. Women who attend these classes are known to have higher chances of giving birth vaginally because they’ll be taught about how to cope with pregnancy and labor pains.Pregnancy care 02

3. Fetal monitoring:

Right from the day your pregnancy is confirmed, there are several tests and scans that are done to monitor your growing baby’s as well as your own health. Collecting your medical history, check your blood pressure, height and weight, blood tests, urine tests, pelvic exam, doppler fetal heart rate monitoring and ultrasounds are a few things that are a norm in today’s prenatal care. Regular checkups help determine if the baby is developing the way it is supposed to and the possible risks to the mother can also be assessed.

4. Childbirth:

In its essence, giving birth to babies still remains the same. But certain things like pain management options and the technology used during childbirth has seen immense changes over the years. A few decades ago, any mother that went into labor always had a fear of something devastating happening while giving birth. But due to the advancement in technology, there are minimal risks associated with labor and childbirth.Pregnancy care 03

Now you have the luxury of choosing a birth center, a doctor and a midwife or a doula that is well suited for your needs and can come up with a concise birth plan as to how you wish to proceed.

5. Pain management:

Since childbirth was done at home in the olden days, pregnant women solely depended on their relatives or midwives for managing the pain. As years passed, dense anesthesia became a popular option. But it came with its fair share of disadvantages – Women who were heavily medicated often had trouble communicating and experienced difficulty in pushing, which meant they ended up having a C-section or a forceps delivery.

With the development and refinement of spinal anesthesia, moms are now able to have a relatively painless delivery experience.

Even though women have been giving birth for centuries, not every pregnancy is alike which means that prenatal care changes from a person to person. Choosing the right birthing center and doctors is the first thing that needs to part of your pregnancy to-do list. We recommend Birthright by Rainbow hospitals which is equipped with state of the art facilities and world class services like childbirth preparation classes, fetal medicines and much more that are brought to you by experienced and renowned doctors and staff. They will make you feel right at home from the second you walk in and their services extend way beyond prenatal care, like cervical screening, laparoscopy, infant nutrition and treatment of common gynecological problems and infections. Birthright is the right partner to have by your side in those crucial and precious moments.

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