Earliest And Weirdest Signs Of Pregnancy

As women, we are very well-aware of the most common signs of pregnancy. Some of them are so common that they have become cliched scenes in Hollywood and Bollywood movies! Yes, you heard it right. We are all well versed with the technicality and the most obvious signs. But there are some signs which arrive in your pregnancy phase as early as the 2nd week. These signs are completely weird and will not even force you to think that you are pregnant.

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Don’t be surprised by reading these weird signs and symptoms! These are some of the most common early signs, yet most women fail to relate them to pregnancy. Sore and tender breasts, morning sickness are some of the most commonly occurring symptoms, we present to you some of the earliest and weird pregnancy symptoms.

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1. The heat

If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you feel as to where is this heat suddenly coming from, then there are chances that you could be pregnant. Ovulation often causes a slight increase in body temperature. Hence when you can feel your body temperatures slightly risen there is a high possibility of you being pregnant. It is important to note here, the number of days the temperature remains elevated- If it stays for more than a fortnight then its time to schedule your gynae visit.

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2. Spotting

Of course, your menses stop when you become pregnant. But one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is spotting or very light bleeding. This is technically known as ‘implantation bleeding‘. It means that the egg has now attached itself to the uterus lining and the placenta will be formed soon after.

3. Metallic taste in the mouth

This is one of the most common weird pregnancy signs which at least 7 out of 10 women have experienced in their pregnancy. Women said that they could literally feel as though they were on a metal tasting spree in the initial days. Scientifically this is called Dysgeusia and it makes your taste buds too salty or might feel burnt also.

4. Dizzy spells

Pregnancy often makes you feel dizzy, especially during the first trimester. And sometimes we just can’t figure out a solution to this problem. No matter how much we look for solutions online, this dizziness always comes back in the initial few days. The prime reason for this is the change in hormonal levels in a women’s body which causes blood vessels to contract and expand.

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5. Constipation

Pregnancy can give weird signs and all ladies would sing in unison, that constipation tops the list of those weird symptoms. All because constipation is very normal and many women tend to pass it off as just another sign. Pregnancy can lead to a much slower digestion time and hence one ends up feeling bloated. The main reason for the slowed process of digestion is to ensure that the required nutrients reach the fetus. Many times you would feel that you want to pass the gas, but just won’t be able to do it.

6. Weird dreams and nightmares – One of the weirdest signs of pregnancy

The weird hormones which are going up and down while you are pregnant are the main cause of those vague dreams and nightmares as well. Scientifically there is no solid or conclusive reason for this, yet women complain of nightmares when they are pregnant.

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All these symptoms are normal and occur in most women, it’s just that they come in the category of being weird!

So mom-to-be, if you have now identified these sure shot signs of pregnancy, it is time to step onto the next milestone. Schedule your visit to the doctor now and start taking folic and vitamin capsules on time.

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