ride on toy car for kids 01

What to expect from the 24V ride on toy car for kids

What to expect from a ride on toy car for kids? There are different factors that every parent must be aware of Is your child a racer? Does he love the thrill of a moving car? If yes, you must be familiar with Electric Toy Cars. These are basically battery-operated cars for kids. They are electric vehicles…

use gentle baby wipes 05

Ways to use gentle baby wipes

As I begin this blog, let us take a minute to thank the person who came up with the idea of baby wipes.

child first camp 04

Ways to make your child’s first camp memorable

Spring is almost here, and kids are just about to begin a new session at their respective schools.

baby burp 04

Top 3 positions to help your baby burp

Congratulations on bringing your little bundle of joy home! It is now time to put all the knowledge which you attained in those nine months of pregnancy to the actual test.

foods to avoid for babies 05

5 Must-know list of foods to avoid for babies to keep them safe

A new mom will try her best to keep the baby safe and fit in the process of bringing him up.

Baby Medical Kit 02

The 8 essentials for your baby medical kit

Is your toddler a chap who ends up in wounds and accidents? Is he/she always frequently catches an illness?

child shows these signs 03

If your child shows these signs take him or her to an eye doctor

Good vision and eye health are key to your child’s learning and development.

Hygiene Habits to Teach Kids 12

Top 9 hygiene habits to teach kids between the age of 3 and 5

Hygiene is a very critical subject for a child to connect and learn.

Common Allergies in Kids 05

6 Common allergies in kids – Signs and cures

Worried about your toddler’s sudden burst of a runny nose, or the patch of red skin?

diaper rash 01

Keep diaper rash at bay

Nappy rash – those pesky red spots or patches on baby’s super-soft skin give sleepless nights to babies and mommies alike.

How to clean baby boy private parts 04

How to clean baby boy’s private parts

Nursing and caring form an integral part of parenting. Cleaning your baby needs precision and patience, especially when it comes to cleaning the baby’s private parts as it is a very delicate job and needs special care. 

Indoor pollution 01

Winning against indoor pollution – The struggle is real

There has been a raging debate going around all of us regarding the alarming pollution levels and the toxic air we are inhaling.

How to clean a baby girls' private part 05

How to clean a baby girls’ private parts

Bathing and keeping a baby squeaky clean is one of the prime concerns of any new mother. While many new mothers take help from elders in their family, others turn to maids for assistance.

baby health care tips 01

5 Crucial baby health care tips

Taking care of your little one has always been a pretty tricky affair. And it becomes all the more important and complex in a country like India which has varied climatic conditions prevailing in different parts of the country.

number of fights between my children 01

The #YesChallenge has reduced the number of fights between my children

On a recent visit to Bangalore, I came across a very unique and interesting challenge – the #YesChallenge that is part of the #YesMom Movement.

clean infant eyes 04

How to clean your infant’s eyes

There is no better sight than to see your baby sleeping. Apart from that dreamy kind of look which the baby gives while sleeping, it also gives us mommies some ‘ME-TIME’.

Kids teeth clean 01

How to keep your kids teeth clean and white

Your little one has new white sparkling pop-ups the soft little gums? They can not only talk but also chew and bite.

clean infant ear 04

How to clean an infant’s ear

A lot of parents may think about the fuss on cleaning earwax of kids, and to many, this may even appear as an insignificant and a trivial topic for discussion.

How are you planning 01

Your #BabyGotPlans! How are you planning to support them?

When new-born steps into the world it brings oodles of happiness to everyone around.

When your baby is born 01

6 Unavoidable things to do when your baby is born

What an amazing feeling it is to become a mother, one of the truly outstanding things in the world. Holding and cuddling your little one really surpasses everything.

pregnancy precautions 02

Top 4 pregnancy precautions during monsoon months

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” These three golden words by the doctor open up a myriad of emotions, unknown vistas of happiness and oodles of joy for a couple.

Get your Child to sit in a Car Seat 01

5 Awesome tricks to get your child to sit in a car seat

‘Wish they remained babies, wrapped in my arms’, a common emotion of a mother who is going through the early years of her parenthood. As the child grows up, every conversation becomes a rational discussion.

pant diapers good for your child 03

Why are pull-up or pant diapers good for your child

Being a parent is not easy particularly when it involves parenting and caring for your infant. Amongst various other challenges which a new mom faces, the most common one is the diapering woe.

Blue whale challenge 05

Blue Whale Challenge fatalities – 5 Steps to parental control on gaming

Can gaming be fatal? Well, yes it is so nowadays. The Blue Whale Challenge has caught the world by surprise. We are usually concerned about the impact games and television have on our kids’ eyes.

Dengue in children 02

Dengue in children – Early symptoms and treatment

The earthy smell arising from the ground, lush green environs, cloudy skies, cool breeze, and a cozy rainy day with lovely mouth-watering snacks and indoor games is all that we look forward to after a long spell of dry and hot summer.

Diapering your little one 03

Diapering your little one the right way

On an average, a new born requires almost 10-12 diapers in a day, and this can even increase during specific seasons like winters and monsoon. 

Johnson Johnson My ultimate baby care brand 01

5 Reasons why I believe in Johnson & Johnson – My ultimate baby care brand

Over several years, Johnson’s Baby, a brand synonymous with baby care, has proven its firm commitment to providing the BEST care for babies.

Baby sleeping position 01

Baby sleeping position – Which one is the safest and best

Have you ever thought that putting a baby to sleep in the wrong position can lead to death?

Indoor air quality and your baby's health 04

Indoor air quality and your baby’s health

As parents, our baby’s health is always considered as one of our top priorities. Babies can be sensitive to many things – including temperature, food, and water quality.

Mosquito Repellent 03

Parent’s guide to mosquito repellents

The Monsoon season has set in; with intermediate rains showering the delight of the cold and coziness to the mood. A comforting respite from the hot summer that had prickled our lives.