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Being a mother was the hardest job I ever loved. My new little boss was not easy to please, tested me at every step, and never gave me my time off. Like every parent, I always want the best for my baby and I want her to always be happy, healthy, and tear-free. To identify the ideal baby health care product – diaper (such as) has been the most creative job of my life and I tried to make the first few months of it as goof-proof, enjoyable, and full of learnings as possible.

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Let’s start with one of the single best habits I learned and did for my child, which I plan to later teach her to do for herself- maintaining toilet hygiene. This started from the day my little one was born, for me as a mommy to be alert of the poopy signals and cleaning it carefully every single time.

80% of the babies who are kept in diapers suffer from hygiene-related infections:

Changing a diaper can be a source of fear or anxiety for new parents, you might feel like you have no idea what to do and when to do. Very often, the new parents or the caretaker fail to change the baby’s diaper at the right time. Reason being that we rely on unproven ‘rules’ such as changing diapers at certain intervals (for example, every 4 hours), changing it based on squishy-ness, etc. No wonder that 80% of the babies who are kept in diapers suffer from hygiene-related infections. It is because the parents/care-takers completely ignore the fact that as compared to wetness, the dirtiness inside the diaper is much more harmful to the baby! If not changed in time, the acid content of a bowel movement may irritate the baby’s skin and cause rashes and infections.

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The good news, though, is that while you were busy getting your hands dirty to become a pro, I discovered an exciting new product that helped me feel confident about the job in no time.

Product Review – HYNTOTM

I chanced upon HYNTOTM, a premium baby health-care product that monitors a baby’s defecation inside her diaper and signals the change at the appropriate time. These come in the form of ultra-thin strips that are simply stuck inside the baby’s diapers with the color indicator peeping out from the clothes of the baby. When the diaper is soiled, the strip signals a change by the color indicator turning bright- making it super easy to monitor from outside. The strips are soft and flexible and don’t make lights or sounds, hence the babies don’t even feel it. The strip can fit newborn, small & medium baby diapers of any brand, model, or type, so it can be easily used with your baby’s favorite diaper. HYNTOTM has been designed by parents, hence is free of any chemicals, fragrance, or anything else that may even be slightly harmful to the baby.Baby health care 08

This product is among the few products that I can confidently say is a ‘must-have’ for your baby’s health and general well-being.

You can keep 15+ commonly occurring hygiene-related infections at bay:

Timely diaper change helps prevent diaper rash, along with 15+ commonly occurring hygiene-related infections from happening to the little ones. I found this magical strip, an all-rounder which is useful ins multiple ways. For example, parents like me can use it while taking the baby out, when leaving them at a day-care or with the baby sitter, traveling with the baby or simply as a baby diaper trainer for the new parents.

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Simple yet innovative, it’s a blessing for every busy and cautious parent. Who knew genital hygiene and diaper issues could be so complicated—yet so simple and interesting!

Product Rating:

  • Overall packaging: 4.5/5
  • User-friendly: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Cost: 4/5

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