6 Important Tips For New Moms While Bathing Newborn Baby

Holding a newborn baby is a task in itself. So when it comes to bathing one, then no wonder new parents freak out. It is difficult to hold the tiny frail body and wash it while keeping in mind the baby doesn’t slip and fall. Many a time, the baby might not be in a condition to be exposed to air and water for a long time. It makes the task even more difficult if you have to give a real quick bath to the tiny one. You are probably surrounded by a zillion baby care tips for bathing newborn baby.

bathing newborn baby

Irrespective of the situation, if you feel bathing your little one is really a worrisome matter, then follow these simple baby care tips for their first few baths, and in some time you will be a pro and both you and your baby will look forward to bath-time.

6 Baby care tips for bathing newborn baby:

1. Sponge bath

If your baby was born extremely weak or was a premature one or has the umbilical cord stump stick, then you can avoid the normal bath and stick to sponge baths. Since newborns are always wrapped up, they don’t get that much dirty. The only areas that need to be cleaned are the diaper areas, under the chin, between the fingers, and behind the ears. A sponge bath with lukewarm water will suffice to keep your baby clean initially till you are confident enough to handle bathing the baby in the bathroom and the baby is fit enough for it.

2. Keep the same bath time every day

To make the baby fall into a routine, it is essential to keep a fixed bath time. Ideally, it should be that time of the day or before nighttime, when the baby is supposed to go to sleep. A massage followed by a bath will help the baby sleep better.

bathing newborn baby

3. Keeping things handy

If you do not have a helper, and you are going to give your baby a bath single-handedly. In such cases, it is important to keep all the required essentials during and after the bath at an arm’s length. It is not safe to look for a towel or trying to open the shampoo bottle while managing the baby with one hand.

4. Taking help while bathing the baby

If you can manage it, it is better to have someone help when you are giving a bath to your little one. In most of the cases, new moms are not so confident in handling such a tiny body all by themselves. Another person besides them can prove to be a boon if you happen to feel scared if your baby starts crying or you would want someone to pour water while you hold the baby.

5. Shampoo towards the end of the bath

It is a good idea to finish bathing the body first and then shampoo the baby if you must. This will save the baby from being in the water for too long and the baby will be less cranky.

6. Go for tear-free washes and shampoos

As it is bathing is a not so pleasant feeling for most of the babies, and if you use soaps and shampoos that irritate them, then the bath time is sure to get chaotic for both of you. Get soaps and shampoos that are tear-free and can soothe your baby.

bathing newborn baby

As each baby is different, the reactions in the bath will be different as well. After two-three bath sessions, you can figure out what works best for the baby and decide accordingly. So this summer make the bath sessions enjoyable for both you and your little bundle of joy.

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