What You Should Do Before During and After 01

What You Should Do Before, During, and After the PTE Academic Test Day

Is your child or someone in your family signing up for the PTE Academic which is the first step to securing your chances to either study or live abroad?

life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji 04

8 Important life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Every religion teaches us the life lesson of goodness and humanity. India, as a country has always been rich and diverse in terms of religious and cultural values that have been passed on by several spiritual leaders and founders such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Happy Dussehra 01

Happy Dussehra 2018

The Champa Tree Wishes You All a Very Happy Dussehra. This Dussehra, teach your little ones these five critical lessons for them to understand the difference between good and bad.

child transition to a new school 01

Tips to help your child transition to a new school

by Aarti Kapur Singh Things you can do before and during your child’s transition to a new school to help them feel comfortable. Tips from a mom Changing a school is a huge change in a child’s life, almost at the same level as starting school. The beginning of the school year should be an…