6 Everyday Rituals Which Mean A Lot To Kids

In our everyday lives, right from the time we wake up, to the last few hours before your children retire to bed, there are umpteen rituals which your children are learning on a daily basis.


Pressures of Parenting & Tips on How to Alleviate Them

Make parenting ‘Cool’! How to be a good parent? Here are the best 21st-century parenting tips for being a good parent

5 Amazing Ways Legos Are Educational for Your Child

From helping our little one learn colors and counting, to ensuring toddlers improve their fine motor skills, LEGOs keep kids engaged as they grow.

Top 10 Love and Kindness Quotes to Teach your Child

These two virtues are few of the most important aspects which help in character building. No amount of education or knowledge can teach kindness and love, it is kind of inherited.

5 Ways to Show Love to Your Child

While saying I love you is important – showing that we love our children is equally important. Kids feel secure when parents embrace them. Apart from bear hugs, you can show love to your child in these following amazing 5 ways.

6 Ways to Teach your Kids to be Kind

The world today requires more than ever for humans to be kind, empathetic and compassionate. Teaching these to the future citizens of the world should be one of the fundamental duties of the parents.

What You Should Do Before, During, and After the PTE Academic Test Day

Is your child or someone in your family signing up for the PTE Academic which is the first step to securing your chances to either study or live abroad?

8 Important life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Every religion teaches us the life lesson of goodness and humanity. India, as a country has always been rich and diverse in terms of religious and cultural values that have been passed on by several spiritual leaders and founders such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Eat Right, The Right Way

Do you often ask yourself what ‘Nutrition’ means? As a mom are you concerned about your baby’s milestones? Is he eating right? Well, read on to know if you are on the right track.

How Learning Magic Tricks Contributes to Healthy Child Development

There’s no arguing the fact that kids love magic. If you’ve ever hired a magician to perform at your child’s birthday party, we’re betting that you heard squeals of joy. Not just that! You would in a way be contributing to the children’s healthy brain development too.

Happy Dussehra 2018

The Champa Tree Wishes You All a Very Happy Dussehra. This Dussehra, teach your little ones these five critical lessons for them to understand the difference between good and bad.

Importance of Early Childhood Education in Child Development

A child’s mind is not only a tabula rasa, but is also filled with a lot of curiosity to know and learn more. The importance of early childhood education ensures seamless brain development.

5 Ways to teach the value of independence to children

In a few days it will be Independence Day. The markets are already flooded with everything in tricolor.

Music for overall development of your kid? – Your answer is here

We are living in the 21st century and gone are the days when only studies would make Jack the perfect boy.

Tips to help your child transition to a new school

by Aarti Kapur Singh Things you can do before and during your child’s transition to a new school to help them feel comfortable. Tips from a mom Changing a school … Read More

8 Things to teach your son before he is a teen

It’s typically between the ages of eight and twelve that our cute, cuddly little children, once ever eager to climb into our laps and share their secrets, or listen to stories suddenly want little or nothing to do with us.

Top 9 hygiene habits to teach kids between the age of 3 and 5

Hygiene is a very critical subject for a child to connect and learn.

6 Tips to teaching kids healthy dental habits

One of the most important things we can teach our children is how to take care of their health.

The #YesChallenge has reduced the number of fights between my children

On a recent visit to Bangalore, I came across a very unique and interesting challenge – the #YesChallenge that is part of the #YesMom Movement.

How to keep your kids teeth clean and white

Your little one has new white sparkling pop-ups the soft little gums? They can not only talk but also chew and bite.

Top 10 phrases your child wants to hear from you

A positive compliment and appreciation always give a sense of comfort and energy.

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