5 Amazing Ways Legos Are Educational For Your Child

Kids are going bananas over Lego sets, and why not? Whether it is the latest LEGO Battle-Ready BatmanTM or the LEGO Arctic Ice Crawler, each set is unique, packed with fun and entertainment. So, while at first, it might appear to be an impulsive purchase, however, not most parents know they are also exceptional for helping your kids develop life skills. From helping our little one learn colors and counting, to ensuring toddlers improve their fine motor skills, LEGOs keep kids engaged as they grow.

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Here are top ways my son and I had fun and learning with two amazing LEGOs set, Battle-Ready BatmanTM and Arctic Ice Crawler:

1. We recalled the basic colors and shapes + learned a few new shades, e.g. navy blue, carrot red.

2. We interpreted our own creative version and enjoyed entering the world of fantasy. My son’s imagination at 4 years of age is at it’s all-time-high. While instructing him on how to form structures (which keeps him engaged), but with his own creativity, he was able to tweak and alter some parts, allowing his own interpretation and ideas to come through. Additionally and for this reason, LEGOs are exceptionally good for aiding kids with disabilities to tap into hidden skills and interact with others.

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3. We have been developing fine motor skills. Dramatic growth in the development of physical skills often takes place during the kindergarten year. In 5 and 6-year-olds’ emerging physical abilities also increase their capacity to learn new cognitive skills. So, right from holding the pieces, as well as twisting and turning LEGOs to fit together from age 1 up till 3 years, Harshal’s fine motor skills have grown by leaps and bounds.

4. We have learned to reason. When Harshal and myself started exploring LEGOs, we weren’t quite following the instructions. At that stage, there wasn’t a need. But as we came along, LEGOs sets exposed us to concepts such as sequencing and problem-solving. By reading and following instructions, we began to understand cause and effect. So, when we were constructing BATMAN by reading the instructions guideline, Harshal realized that the end result was an excellent outcome of what we’d done by following the guideline booklet. This in-turn sharpens cognitive skills.

5. We learned to be patient and persistent. When kids play with LEGOs, they learn the value of patience and persistence. Initially, Harshal would become frustrated when pieces wouldn’t fit the way he had desired. Eventually, he learned to sort and find pieces, which pretty much required his patience and concentration.

Here is where you can purchase LEGO Battle-Ready BatmanTMs and LEGO Arctic Crawler

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