Tips On How To Play Safe Holi With Kids

Why we celebrate Holi? To welcome the gentle arrival of spring. Why is Holi celebrated with colours? What’s the significance? Why March? Is your little one or not-so-little one curious but not sure why and how to play Holi that’s safe? Even if it’s just dry Holi colours that are 100% organic? Well, chances are that your child is scared. So, how do we play safe Holi and why play Holi in the first place?

How to play Holi that’s 100% safe?

Why Holi‘, a book was written by Priyanka and illustrated by Creative I” explains why we all love to play Holi, especially children who get a free hand on that one day in a year to play with lots of Holi colours and water. 

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Have a happy-healthy Holi 2021 by maintaining social distancing and following simple tips to keep your little and loved ones safe:

  • The use of masks should go without saying
  • Handshakes and hugging should be highly avoided
  • Use homemade/DIY Holi colours should be avoided, as it can attract respiratory issues
  • Cold food and beverages should be avoided
  • Prevention against the virus and simultaneously building immunity becomes of utmost importance. So eat healthy foods (veggies and fruits) and turmeric milk, Citrus fruits and red bell peppers (both rich in vitamin C), and water infused with lemon, Indian gooseberries, and sliced oranges to give your immunity a natural boost.

Kids have questions and they are bound to be inquisitive. It’s important for us to create awareness and educate them. To have answers to their whats, whys and hows. This colourful festival is historical. Holilka, King Hiranyakashyap, Prhalad- our grandparents knew a lovely folk tale around these mythological figures. They told our parents the significance, relevance, and morally attached to this festive celebration.

There are many stories linked to the festival of Holi and Holika Dahan. These stories may be mythological, religious, or social, but all have some or the other hidden life lesson. One take-away is the victory of good over evil. And that light always wins over darkness.

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This is also a good time to teach them how to play safe Holi and ensure that they indeed play a safe Holi.

Here’s how to play Holi that’s 100% safe – 10 Tips:

1. Discourage playing Holi with eggs, and mud

Explain to them that this is not only unhealthy but harmful as well. A good way to avoid this would be by keeping clean water handy so that they don’t resort to using dirty water.

2. Don’t use industrial dyes and metallic colours

Industrial dyes used as Holi powder/ Holi colours are cheaper and often gaudier. They are harmful. The metallic pastes which impart the glistening silver or black or white are horribly toxic. As per Satavik, here’s what specific colours can do to our health:

ColourChemicalHealth Effects
BlackLead oxideRenal Failure
GreenCopper SulphateEye Allergy, Puffiness and Temporary blindness
SilverAluminum BromideCarcinogenic
BluePrussian BlueContract Dermatitis
RedMercury SulphiteHighly toxic can cause skin cancer
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3. Use only gulaal, organic Holi colours or flower petals

Child-friendly, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and gel-based colours are available aplenty. Why not use those?

4. Keep the Holi powders and colours away from mouth and eyes

It is essential that you do not let your kids put any Holi color in their mouths. Synthetic Holi colours, powder or gel-based alike, contain a number of harmful chemicals, when ingested they could cause severe reactions such as vomiting and could also lead to poisoning.

5. Eyes are particularly vulnerable

If the Holi colours enter your child’s eye, wash them with plenty of water. Remember not to rub the eye. If your child experiences any vision-related issues, pain, or excessive redness of the eyes, immediately take him/her to your doctor.


6. Clothes are like sheilds

Make your child wear full-sleeved clothes and long cotton pants to protect their sensitive skin.

7. Slather skin-protecting creams

Another way of protecting their skin would be preparing them well for it by applying oil or cream all over the body to prevent the colours from sticking to the skin. Oil the child’s hair well before he/she goes to play with colours. This will help protect the skin and hair from the harmful effects of the colours.

8. Be careful when playing with Pichkaris

The pichaakris which we think of as harmless toys can be dangerous too. So, teach your child to use his/ her pichkaari away from other people’s faces, especially their eyes and ears. Also, ask your child to maintain a safe distance from other children’s pichkaaris when he/she is being attacked by the water.

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9. No water balloons, please?

Say no to bursting balloons or throwing them on each other. This can cause injuries and accidents. The thrust applied to burst balloons is not to be taken lightly.

10. Say no to strangers

Encourage your children to play Holi only with a group of close friends and relatives as against strangers. In fact, even you should do the same to make sure you, as well as your kids, are safe. People can get carried in the Holi intoxication (thanks to the bhaang).

“Safety first” should always be our mission when playing festivals, especially the Holi event with children. Happy Holi!

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  1. Holi is a is a fun festival where kids tend to get excited and play Holi with their friends. Playing with colors and water can become hazardous sometimes.

  2. We enjoyed playing Holi this year with family. The kids, in particular, had a blast playing Holi with organic colors and their pichkaris. Your tips on playing safe Holi were well noted.

  3. These are some great Holi safety tips. It is indeed dangerous to play with a water balloon. Here, I made natural color and mixed it with water for the water gun. I enlisted the help of my daughter’s friend, and everyone was very excited about making it.

  4. Very good ways to enjoy Holi safely. I love that you have mentioned that it is best to use the natural colours and not use metallic colours. Also, I used to dislike playing with eggs.