Top 5 Rhymes For Infants And Toddlers

I have been singing rhymes to my LO ever since he was in my tummy.  I would even narrate stories to him. It is believed that babies tend to listen and learn while in the womb. So going by that logic, I would often describe my day to him. He loved it all, especially all the religious literature I would read out in the evenings and Mozart’s symphonies we would play later in the night. He would respond to it all by kicking aggressively. I loved it. Yah, but it’s true that such practice tends to lay the foundation of language development which is one of the most important developmental milestones for your little ones. The rhymes of infants and toddlers also have this capability.

5 Soothing rhymes for infants and toddlers:

The trend hasn’t changed much even now when Harshal is an infant. I mean, yes! He has started early but that’s cool. Whether it’s his mealtime or while I am giving him an oil massage, bathing him, putting him to sleep, getting a dose of medicine down his throat, introducing him to new faces, and all the other activities you can think of, RHYME is the solution to it all.

TCT has cherry-picked some super melodious (and soothing) rhymes with really nice and interactive animation (on YouTube) that you can kick-start from a really early stage. Baby is going to definitely love it if dad sings along too!

1. Here we go round the mulberry bush

2. Up, Up, Up!

3. It’s raining, it’s pouring: 

4. Five little ducks went swimming one day

5. If you are happy and you know it 

I hope you too liked them. Now you can have these rhymes at one click. Bookmark this page and play the songs with your little ones. Share your experience in the comments below.

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