A letter from a mother to her expectant daughter 03

A letter from a mother to her expectant daughter

As the weeks go by and the final day, that ‘big’ day comes closer, most pregnant mommies feel excited, emotional, confused, lost and overwhelmed.

Mothers Day celebrations for single moms 05

5 Awesome Mother’s Day celebrations for single moms

In our society, many assume and articulate that Mother’s Day celebrations are not meant for single moms. Sad, isn’t it?

letter to a mom planning to go back to work 02

Letter to a mom who is planning to go back to work

Motherhood can change us in ways we can’t even imagine. Before becoming a mother, I was a full-time PR consultant. At times, working harder to climb up the corporate ladder.

hire a maid 01

4 Silly reasons people gave me to not hire a maid

In the summer of 2014, I became a mom. And because my pregnancy was a tough one, I had to quit my job. So for about three years now, I have been a stay-at-home working mom.


7 Clever single parenting tips and hacks for daily use

Parenting is hard, and being a single mom makes the stakes even higher. As a single parent, managing everything can be quite a task, with ever-growing emotional as well as physical demands of the kids.


16 Mother quotes she says infinite times a day

Love, happiness, sadness, anger, etc., anything and everything, mothers always express their emotions with an extra edge.


5 Amazing Valentine’s day activities for kids

Dedicated to couples, Valentine’s Day is celebrated yearly on the 14th of February. Not just for adults, today it is primed for toddlers as well.


Single mom parenting – Hardest yet the best thing

Being a mom is the hardest thing on this planet, but I guess God had planned some more struggles in my life.


My advice to a stay-at-home mom who is in depression

When we are young, we feel liberated. We have dreams of conquering the world. We just think that it’s easy to change the world!


A joyful journey towards motherhood – How to prepare yourself!

Read on to know how to get yourself well prepared for a joyful journey towards motherhood! A woman continues to unravel mysteries of her bundle of joy from the time she decides to conceive until the day she delivers a baby… and beyond. A decade ago, all questions about conception, the dos and don’ts during…

This new year – personalization takes over regular gifting!

This new year, I made a little promise to myself. The deal is that 2016 was a lot more complex for this mommy of a pre-schooler.


People tell me I’m a ‘modern’ mom and this is why it’s not a compliment!

Last year, when my mom visited me for a few days during my post-delivery time, it sure was a breather.


Baby Dove Children’s Day contest winners announced!

A mother’s instinct can be very strong and that’s why majority mothers know what’s best for their babies.


The surprising ways my body and soul have changed after childbirth

I am a changed person. At times I feel like I have never been the same! My baby has changed me in ways I could only imagine.


Reasons why Indian wives and moms are always very stressed

A Nielsen survey conducted in 6,500 women across 21 different nations in the year 2011 suggested Indian women are the most stressed in the world today.


Why being a mother doesn’t have to necessarily mean she makes her life a sacrifice

A famous saying that once you are on your way to becoming a mother, your goals are hijacked forever! For most of us, it’s true.


The power of a good warm hug

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words,” said Ann Hood.

being a mother 04

Then and now – How we think before and after being a mother

Well! This is exactly what I thought before I became a mother, and my faith in this saying stays strong as ever even now that I am one.

Nail art 11

15 Rakhi inspired gorgeous nail art designs for moms

Raksha Bandhan is just a week away from today. So, all you busy moms! Have you decided on your outfit yet?

motherhood how much is it worth it 01

The horrifying pain of motherhood – How much is worth it?

The other day my husband asked me to define ‘Motherhood’. It wasn’t a question I wasn’t prepared to answer. In fact, the answer is quite ready-made and tailor-made.

Ridiculous baby care advice 01

4 Absolutely ridiculous baby care advice people have actually given me!

If you know me well, you would know the fact that I tend to rant a lot about motherhood. Don’t get me wrong.

nap time for stay at home moms

The 4 stages of nap time for Stay-At-Home-Moms

No mommy can ever get enough of bear hugs, wet kisses and…and decent sleep! So, mommies often end up with nothing short of a handful of naps thrown at them with very little to no choice at all.

Superwoman moms 01

5 Funny but superwoman like things all moms do for their kids

Dear Son, as you turn two and the troublesome phase begins to hit me hard like a slap in the face, I go deep into thought about what lies ahead of us.

Moms never have time 01

Top 3 reasons why moms never have time to spare

Unlike before, these days I look forward to my 10 minute morning ritual. It includes sipping a cup of cold tea and savoring the taste of the biscuit.

Parenting tips 01

6 Silly parenting tips every new mom hears

Are you a new parent who is currently trawling the internet for parenting advice because you’ve discovered that friends and relatives are pretty much useless?

Stay at home moms earn through blogging 01

How can stay-at-home moms earn through blogging?

In 2013, while I was nearly at the peak of my career, something happened. A life-changing scenario that took my professional life to another tangent.

Homemade beauty masks 01

5 Easy homemade facial beauty masks for busy moms

With her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2016, we are yet again left in awe by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s gorgeous looks and flawless skin

Things they never told me about delivering a baby 02

3 Disgusting things they never told me about delivering a baby

So, you are expecting? Wow! Congratulations! I can almost feel your baby kick! Motherhood is a wonderful experience; so is pregnancy.

3 Ways to avoid mom burnout

As a mom of a toddler, my life is full of drama. There are bitter feelings caused by not getting what one wants.

No one tells you about motherhood 01

Eight gross things no one tells you about motherhood

We dream all sorts of dreams. Mine have been always pretty lucid. But when I began to expect a child, these dreams became pretty elaborate.