Meet Upasana Luthra – A Real Mom’s Story On Being Resilient

The most challenging part is the satisfaction in knowing you have done enough and erasing self-doubt. Most important is my children’s happiness and their ability to interact with others as good human beings. To create great memories for them.

How does your day start? 

I wake up with an alarm at 6:00 AM depending on the day. On Monday and Friday, my daughter has gymnastics so she goes to school earlier. I then prepare breakfast and have it with my kids. Once they leave at 8:00 AM, I either exercise or work.

Real Mom Upasana Luthra

I prefer to work from home so I work until about 10 AM. Then I shower, say a little prayer, and have a mid-day snack. Then I get back to work again which goes on until lunchtime. Handling the house and helpers is also part of my work. I try to be extremely organized. If I have meetings then I prefer to get other work done in town.

I am heading PR, Events & Book Club for GurgaonMoms- an online Facebook community of 29,500 + members. We also have a website and a Facebook page. My timings are normally up to 6:00 PM but during events, I work up to 9:00 PM as well.

Reading is my passion and I run a Facebook page called The Book Reporter.

What do you think about our Indian education system?  

I think it has a lot of loopholes. It should be more relatable and much more practical. If I could I would introduce a system that has a more practical life approach.

Real Mom Upasana Luthra on her trip

Your key to juggling and creating a balance with your work and kids?

My Memory and being organized. I make lists for everything. I’m a paper and pen person and still love my physical diary.

What is the most challenging part of being a mother? 

The most challenging part is the satisfaction in knowing you have done enough and erasing self-doubt. Yes, to some extent I have overcome it. My children once told me I am their BFF (Best Friend Forever) and that was a good enough validation for me.Real Mom Upasana Luthra with her family

How do you spend time with your kids on weekends? 

I watch movies with my daughter. We go out to eat. My best family moment was when we visited Singapore last year. My children and I are really obsessed with all the Jurassic Park & Jurassic World movies. So we drank in each aspect of the Jurassic Park theme in Universal Studios.

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Do you manage to get some personal time for yourself? 

Yes, mostly when the children are in school. I like to watch a show. I love to read.

Real Mom Upasana Luthra with Amish Tripathi

What tips would you like to give to mothers, in general?

Don’t give off your stress to your children. Even if your child is calm, he/she can sense your stress and they will feed off that. Children are much more resilient than we think. The teens aren’t as terrible as they are made out to be. Try to get on the same page as your children and connect with them.

Any parenting tips to share with our readers?

“Whatever Works!” – This is my mantra most times. What is good for you may be terrible for another. So you have to find the formula that works for you.

Real Mom Upasana Luthra Reading a book

One thing you would like to change about your life at this point?

The pollution in Gurgaon. Taking better care of our planet. It’s intrinsic to our survival.


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