Top 6 Awesome Ways To Calm Yourself As A Mother

A happy mom might not be genuinely happy. You never know what is happening in her life. Raising children is the right test of patience and perseverance. If you are a mother and going through anxiety and anger, you have just hit the apt space. Before you read any further, here’s something you should read: “Dear you, calm down! You need to find ways to calm yourself as a mother.”

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Stressed? Annoyed? Anxious? Juggling multiple tasks? You are not alone. Most mothers experience this emotion every day or at some point in their lives. Right from handling a cranky child to dealing with the wrath of your toddler, and at the same time having to perform under pressure (at work or in the kitchen) not losing your sanity is a task in itself for every mother. We are not equipped to deal with an enormous amount of stress- mental or physical. Here are some interesting and awesome ways to handle this daily conundrum of life and at the same time to practice and preach the calm and composed style of parenting.

If your child is on the verge of testing your boundaries and limits of rage, here are the top six ways to calm yourself as a mother. Follow them religiously every day as a mother, make it a habit of your life and your personality.

Calm yourself as a mother by adopting these 6 strategies:

1. Taking deep breaths

This would sound very cliched. But this is right and keeps your nerves under control. The moment you get your anger vibes, take a few deep breaths and stay calm. You can count one to ten in your head and stand in front of the mirror to remind yourself that you are important and that you love yourself.

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2. Never hide your emotions

Do never bury your emotions. Make sure to let your child know how and what you feel when he or she is not behaving appropriately. Make sure to communicate your emotions to your child freely and sensibly. With each passing day, your child will look up to you and learn from how you are handling anxiety and anger.

3. Exercise and physical activity

When your child is throwing tantrums and testing your patience, it is better to excuse yourself from the scene. Do not say a word. Because words have a very strong impact on children. Many experts advise moms to go for a long walk, gyming, yoga, meditation, etc. and get your thoughts and nerves under control. Later, you could opt to sit your child down and explain why their behavior was unacceptable.

4. Acceptance when in pain

Mothers always put the needs of their family first. They think they can handle everything at the same time. But, the reality is different. It is very important to showcase to your child the norm of acceptance. When in pain, hurt or anger, it is vital to accept those emotions. Never deny or ignore the fact that your child has hurt you. You can love your children unconditionally. But acceptance is a way to learn, and heal. You can work on handling your emotions only when you accept your negative emotions and deal with them.

5. Sleeping pattern

Just as your child gets his/her sleep, even you as a mother, need sufficient sleep, of seven to eight hours every day. A good night’s sleep can fill in positive energy and give you the strength to handle the daily conundrum at home. A well-rested body and mind is the best vitamin for a mom.

6. Time with your spouse

Yes, exclusive time with your spouse every day is mandatory. A true companionship of expressing and comforting each other’s is extremely crucial while nurturing a little body who is seeking emotional comfort from his/her parents.  Keep the lines of communication straight and clear without any hiccups or assumptions. 

So as mothers, let’s calm down and be easier on ourselves. Let’s not ignore these emotions. Rather, tackle them with grit and gratitude. If you embrace and handle with positivity, I am sure your child is looking and learning with you and your little wonder can handle his or her life way better than you know.

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