Are you a supportive parent or too pushy? Take this quiz to find out

An interesting quiz to test whether you are a pushy parent or a supportive one

Do you plan to disconnect the cable when the date of the NEET entrance test is close? Do you encourage your child to have some fun while studying hard by getting them acquainted to advanced digital learning platforms like Aakash iTutor? Do you ever wonder what kind of parent you are?

This quiz will help you determine whether you are a pushy parent to a too good to be true one. Go ahead, take this life-changing quiz. are you a supportive parent or too pushy 01


Mostly As – You are a dominant parent who puts all the blame on their child, scolds them, screams at them and thinks that it’s the best way to parent your child. In short, you are a pushy and dominating parent. A little freedom and liberty would give your child the confidence of doing things on their own. So, make sure you are giving them enough room to explore their abilities.

Mostly Bs – You are that “Too good to be true” parent who believes in their child and supports and encourages them on every path of their life. You are your child’s “Superhero.” Way to go!

Mostly Cs – You always keep your decisions above theirs and keep pushing them to achieve dreams that you have set for them. You need to get yourself in a parenting class that will help you understand what a child needs.

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