Top 10 Funny Blogs To Read On The Internet Today

by Urvashi Newar Parenting can be exhausting for sure. So, beat those parenting blues with these funny blogs and websites we have shortlisted for you. Go ahead, it is time for some real fun! We all know parenting is the toughest job in the world which we would ever love. Being a parent is not…

Funny mom GIFs 01

10 Super Funny Mom GIFs

Here are 10 super funny Mom GIFs which will make you laugh out loud.

Letter to gestating mothers – ‘Relax. Before it gets too real’

Dear gestating-me, you are just a couple of months shy of popping out.


Anyone else not ready for a second child? Because I’m not

Of late, I’ve been taking a lot of those silly online quizzes. In fact, I just took this one that wanted to know if I was really ready for another baby.

Honest thoughts when I was pregnant 01

The honest reality of my husband’s thoughts when I was pregnant

On the day my husband turned 30, he had a lot to come to terms with. For starters, the fact that he was now on the other side of T-H-I-R-T-Y!

Vox Pop 2 – When Kids Leave You Stumped

It is not for nothing that wisdom tells us that “child is the father of man”. We promise more fun in the part two of our vox pop series!

Vox Pop 1 – When Kids Leave You Stumped

It is not for nothing that wisdom tells us that “child is the father of man”.

Temptations can't resist 07

6 Kids temptations that even parents can’t resist

Define ‘temptation’? If I were to define from a kid’s point-of-view, I would say- eating marshmallows, licking ice lollies, savoring the taste of an Oreo cookie, going out for animation movies.

Things they never told me about delivering a baby 02

3 Disgusting things they never told me about delivering a baby

So, you are expecting? Wow! Congratulations! I can almost feel your baby kick! Motherhood is a wonderful experience; so is pregnancy.

History of April fools day 08

7 Fun facts and interesting history of April Fools Day

Folks, share some of the most interesting facts and April 1st fools day history with your kids! This way, they are going to remember this day forever!

Good movies for kids 22

20 Good movies for kids that even parents cant get enough of

My earliest memories of doing things with family involve going for movies. Though I remember dozing off halfway through some of them, most of them managed to make an everlasting impression on my developing mind.

Valentines day jokes for kids 07

6 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids

One of the best family day activities in the month of February is to tell each other some love-related-humor. Kids love fun, humor and cracking silly jokes (especially one-liners).

Being a mother 03

5 Awful things nobody tells you about being a mother

Here are 5 awful and terribly dreadful things nobody tells you about being a mother!

Life of mother 03

Life of a mother – A ‘Facebook Mom’

I often rant too much about all the dirty dishes and the piles of unlimited laundry. And, then I have a husband who is in love with the color white. His entire wardrobe is full of whites.

Funny Inspirational Quotes 08

7 funny and inspirational quotes for Rakhi

Tomorrow happens to be Rakhi, an important Indian festival which is all about a sister tying a rakhi (sacred thread with fancy embellishments) on her brother’s wrist. Rakhi (aka Raksha Bandhan) is celebrated in a lot of other parts of the world too.

Funny motherhood quotes 06

5 Funny motherhood quotes for a mommy from a mommy

Up for some real fun today? Well, then let me hear back from you if you think these 5 funny motherhood quotes apply to you too 😉

Funny motherhood jokes 111

10 Funny mother jokes and hilarious motherhood pictures

Check out 10 funny mother jokes and humorous motherhood jokes for a hearty laugh 🙂

Minion quotes 16

15 Amazing Minion quotes inspired by life

I am feeling extremely funny today. There are several reasons for that. To start with, my cleaner didn’t turn up, and I had a pile of laundry to do.

12 Funny motherhood jokes of the day

Presenting to you 12 hilarious jokes of the day to tickle your funny bone! Motherhood humor is worth celebrating, so join in for a good laugh 🙂

Travel 17

Travel Diary #2 and a bit of feeling funny too (Part III)

And we are back with part 2 of our Travel Diary. Last month, mummy, daddy and Brat H went down south and explored a small town in the Kasaragod district on the West coast of the state of Kerala, India. As promised, here are some of the pictures from our holiday.

Funny pictures 12

Parents can be in jail for this -Funny pictures from our childhood days!

TCT brings to you a collection of funny pictures that are sure to tickle your bones. Take a look at 11 hilarious moments from the past era that can get our parents in trouble.

Mothers day pictures 17

16 Extremely hilarious Mother’s Day special- funny pictures

Mothers are awesome! They are unconditional lovers, best care takers, have an amazing memory, cooks the most delicious food, remarkable storytellers, and has an impeccable sense of sarcasm and wittiness.

Funny pictures 12

Funny pictures from our childhood days

TCT brings to you 11 amazingly hilarious and super funny pictures from the childhood days! Take a look at them for a good laugh. We all love our childhood pictures. Going through them is indeed a lot of fun.

April Fool Day Jokes 10

April Fool Day Jokes

Here are 9 silly and best April Fools Day jokes from the sarcy era!

I am mother 06

I am a mother and it sure is funny!

Motherhood is an awesome experience. But, it is also about having to go through those terrible nights of sleeplessness, working overtime, cleaning pukes, logging poops, endless feeding, running around with the food, and what not! So, check out these 7 awesome insights into motherhood. Do you feel this way too?

Feeling funny today Part II

This time, Ace joined us and we all had some wicked time have heaps of fun! You are most welcome to be a part of this fun party!

Feeling funny 03

We are feeling funny today

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 11, 2015 Mom and Brat H are feeling really funny today. Check out how.. Join in and have a bit of fun with us.  To be continued… You might also like: [display-posts tag=”humor” image_size=”thumbnail” posts_per_page=”5″ wrapper=”div” orderby=”rand”]

Motherhood humor top funniest jokes 16

Motherhood humor | 18 Top funniest jokes

Introducing 18 top funniest jokes which are 100% pure & harmless motherhood humor for a good laugh!

Funny quotes on motherhood 03

Top 8 funny quotes on motherhood

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on November 3, 2014 Take a look at 8 super funny quotes on motherhood for a good laugh!