Anyone Else Not Ready For A Second Child? Because I’m Not

Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of those silly online quizzes. In fact, I just took this one that wanted to know if I was really ready for another baby. At the start of the quiz was a disclaimer. It read – “Only take the quiz if you want to learn about what questions to ask yourself before getting pregnant again, and how things change when you decide to grow your family.” The disclaimer was revolting! And I will tell you exactly why…Most of you who know very little about me have missed reading my hilarious accounts of how I’m not ready for a second child.


At a family gathering the other day, I was watching a friend sitting in a distant corner. She was looking supremely hassled, digesting the information that ladies around her were throwing at her – basically, everything to do with having a BIG family. All of a sudden, she rose to her feet (as the room fell silent) and screamed – “Anyone else not ready for baby number 2? Cause I am NOT!” And then she rushed to the nearby washroom.

That scene was both melodramatic and hilarious.

The husband went running after her with a box of tissues. Meanwhile, no one really noticed how their only and unattended child got into a hysterical fit and cried as he’d run out of chocolate.

Therefore, that disclaimer in the quiz? About how things change, etc., etc? It angered me no end.

Just like that friend, I too am not ready for a second child. It’s not that I never want one. But this ain’t the time – and here’s why:

I Love to Plan My Life

I have always been a massive planner. I work on schedules.

My ideal gift? A book of multi-colored post-its.

Therefore, it’s only obvious that we plan the bringing of new life into our lives. The perfectionist in me reminds me that I must make no mistakes. Having said that, I do know that accidents happen all the time! But it’s always better to take precautions rather than live in regret.

I am still too young to be parenting two little ones. My clock is ticking but it can’t push me off the track.

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