Top 10 Funny Blogs To Read On The Internet Today

We all know parenting is the toughest job in the world which we would ever love. But being a parent is not that easy; we are sure you all would agree. Whether you are learning to feed your little one or trying to deal with toddler tantrums or navigating through teenage issues; kids are a constant challenge. And trust us they do not come with instructions. We at TCT completely understand that parenting can be taxing and that is why we have come up with a list of top 10 funny blogs to read on the internet to crack you up. So, go ahead and laugh out loud!

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Funny blogs to read:

1. 9GAG: Go the fun world

This one is a Reddit clone just for funny memes. 9gag is a user-generated content platform where people can share their videos, gifs, and other funny content. Therefore, you will have a great time watching funny memes.

2. Funny or die

This blog is full of videos and memes which are certainly a little more twisted as compared to your average humor showcased these days website. Thus, this blog will work wonders by reducing your stress levels. 

3. The Chive

This blog is great if you are looking for richer and more detailed jokes. They follow the Buzzfeed style approach to humor and hence this has helped them to create viral humor content.

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4. CollegeHumor

We would suggest don’t go by the name of this blog, as they offer content for intellectual viewers. You will definitely enjoy the amazing content offered by this blog, thus making it one of the most funny blogs to read.

5. Dorkly

If you have a passion for games then this blog is for you. They have some mind-blowing content for gamers. So, go ahead and check this out right away.

6. Faking News

This one is a satire blog, particularly for Indian readers. This is a demographic which has been overlooked by most of the other publishers. You will surely have a great time reading out their content.

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7. ICanHas.Cheezburger?

One thing I really like about this blog is that they have a trending topic every day. One day, they had chosen cars as their trending topic and you could also find all types of interesting cat jokes. You can have a hearty laugh by reading different jokes around the trending topic.

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8. Bored Panda

This is yet another blog with interesting user-generated content. Their humor section has many amusing stories. Hence it is a must-visit if you are looking for some good quality humor content.

Quirky meme

9. Smosh

This meme website is great for pop culture references. Smosh ranks well for both comedic and movie keywords.

10. Pleated Jeans

This humor blog does not follow any formula. Now you must be wondering what is the secret behind their success? It’s the impeccable reputation of their founder, Jeff Wyasask, for humor. He is referred to as one of the funniest people by Buzzfeed, this making Pleated Jeans one of the most funny blogs to read.

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Now that you know about top 10 funny blogs to read on the internet today, go ahead have some hearty laugh while enjoying this beautiful journey of parenthood. Happy Parenting.

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