Indian Moms During Lockdown – A Hilarious Video

When 2020 came along little did we know how totally life-changing it would be? Social distancing, lockdowns,  face masks, sanitizers, and times of being locked up in our homes are what has pretty much summed up our lives this year! While the country gradually crawls back to normalcy, we thought we’d revisit moments during this lockdown that we could all identify with — especially Indian moms! 

So, The Champa Tree decided to speak to it’s favorite  subjects – Moms!  And we discovered that each day during the lockdown for Moms across the world has  been nothing short of a battle!  

We now present a hilarious account of how moms from around the globe react differently to the same situation!

Moms during the lockdown:

While we understand that with time, the dynamics of managing both the home and family has become a matter of teamwork between husband and wife, however, 90% of the womenfolk agree that they would freak out if the house is in a mess, the laundry basket is overflowing and the kitchen pantry needs re-stocking. In short, women felt particularly overwhelmed and drained during this entire lockdown period.

Did the workload change?

We spoke to moms to share their behind-the-scenes experiences with us. What emerged is something we constantly hear…women are as overloaded with chores today, as they were back in the day.  Now that everyone is at home, most moms admitted that they are literally left with no room to breathe! Period!  

Mom Neha Bhalla

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We believe that mothers form the backbone of any home! They deserve all the love, care, and attention. Most women admitted that they received heaps of support from their husbands while they were on work video calls. Their moms-in-law too pitched in and took care of the kids! We spoke to three mothers across the world and decided to curate a compilation of their everyday activities!

Indian Moms - Udita Saklani

Lockdown with a hyperactive kid

Manali is currently a stay-at-home mom to a hyperactive three-year-old. We love her posts on social media! She mostly creates rib-tickling, and at the same time eye-opening videos on parenting and that is what keeps us glued to her channel! Manali decided to share her real parenting gig with us, in a funny yet hard-hitting way!

Indian Moms - Rakhi Jayashankar

Remaining sane is a challenge

​Joy Buria, a SAHM from South Africa says she is trying to be sane. A communication specialist herself, Joy thinks that the pandemic has given her focus. “I read books with my kids, watch some documentaries when the kids sleep and I actually made the most progress on my Ph.D. than I ever did before. The pandemic has favored my studies and given me more focus for it which is actually quite strange.” Her kids Manuel and Becca, 7 years and 3-year-old respectively are clearly evolving their reading habits.

Indian Moms - Nayantara Hegde

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  1. Moms will be moms whichever country they are in. Pandemic has been really a tough time for all of us and of course we are learning our lessons too.

  2. This was such a funny video. Totally loved it and felt as if they were speaking my heart. This pandemic has changed our lives, but looking at the fun side of it can help us cope with the challenges.

  3. This was indeed a hilarious take on the pandemic .I could totally relate with the video and indeed, all women are excellent multi taskers.

  4. This is so much fun the time has actually shown us the things that problem we were not aware of I really like this different text by mums and the kind of funny side versions they have recorded for the video

  5. This is a very interesting write-up, also watched the video which is really hilarious. A humorous outlook like this is a relief in these depressing times.

  6. Hilarious video! Indian moms are a breed of their own, aren’t they? I could feel a little bit of myself in everyone of these moms. We’ve really outdone ourselves during the lockdown.

  7. Hilarious video! Indian moms are a breed of their own and clueless even to their kids! I could feel a bit of me in every one of these moms. We’ve really outdone ourselves during the lockdown.

  8. I saw the video and it’s really very funny. I guess all moms will relate with this video both in India and abroad.

  9. very funny videos indeed pandemic was hard on kids as well as parents specially on mom’s because everyone was at home

  10. This pandemic and staying at home had got out the good the bad and the ugly out of us mothers….. loved the video….. one thing amidst all this I made sure was to have me time and break frm all chores everyday so I can relax and not tired myself out.

  11. Honestly lockdown has been so hard for me and I had a hard time in managing all things together. But your video has made me laugh so much. Indeed it was so hilarious.

  12. I could totally relate with the video – we are overwhelmed with chores, and indeed, all women are excellent multi taskers -this year has really show each of us our own strengths.

  13. Lovely post dear. This pandemic and the consequent lockdown has shown the true power of us, the moms.

  14. Lol. Yeah we moms have been forced to become super humans but yeah with a little bit of tweaking, our lives will be okay. Except for the constant feeding.

  15. I swear this is the best and hilarious video I have seen till now on this pandemic!! No wonder this time has given us so much to remember

  16. No one can beat Indian mom’s.. Indian mom in the video was hilarious. This pendamic has bought my family close.. So no complains .

  17. Wow that video and Vitamin A,B, C, D was just hilarious. Pandemic has definitely introduced moms to a new version of themes ways. Some good and some surprising. But now we all have settled down.

  18. That video is quite hilarious. No doubt the pandemic has put us, mothers, in such difficult situations but that also helped us in finding our true strength. Lovely post!