6 Kids temptations that even parents can’t resist

Take a look at these 6 amazing kids temptations that even parents can’t resist!

Define ‘temptation’?

If I were to define from a kid’s point-of-view, I would say- eating marshmallows, licking ice lollies, savoring the taste of an Oreo cookie, going out for animation movies.

Childhood is when you idolize Batman and pretty much want to do cute, sweet things no one pays much attention to. Childhood is the best part of our lives.

But, adult-life is full of hardships. Adult-life skills aren’t about learning how to be independent. It’s rather basic..It has more to do with simple, regular things such as laundry, cooking a decent 3-time-meal, going to work every day, dropping and picking kids from school, making sure there is enough money for groceries, healthcare, and some left to be saved towards the end of each month. Sounds easy, no? Wish it was THAT easy!

As we start to grow older, why do we stop looking at the most delicate and intricate moments of life? 

But, I bet, there are a lot like me who don’t give up on their habits.. like- looking for that last piece of cake stored in the fridge? Wanting to have the first (and probably the last) bite from our kid’s choco-chip ice cream. Dying to get on the roller-coaster ride at a theme park. There are so many temptations we have outlived and so many of them that we can never resist. 

So, let’s make Sunday a fun-day. Here is some humor brought to you by The Champa Tree. Check out these 6 things meant for kids that adults enjoy equally (or rather more)!

Temptations can't resist 01

Temptations can't resist 02

Temptations can't resist 03

Temptations can't resist 04

Temptations can't resist 05

Temptations can't resist 06

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Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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