5 Awful things nobody tells you about being a mother

Here are 5 awful and terribly dreadful things nobody tells you about being a mother!

Here is some motherhood humor for all you mummas out there! Before you become one, people only tell you about all the wonderful things. And after you have become one, there is hardly any time for a ‘Hello!-let’s-sit-down-for-a-chat’. Well! Yes, having a baby or becoming a mother is definitely a beautiful experience. However, if you have already read some of my previous posts on ‘motherhood humor‘, you would know that I can be a loud mouth too. So, presenting to you 5 things nobody will ever tell you about being a mother!Being a mother 01

1. Google shall become the most important part of your life: You will always have an anxious look on your face. Yes! And I am not kidding. The first few months of my life were truly spent googling on ‘baby poop’. How does a healthy poop look like? It’s consistency, color, etc. So, being a mother equals being anxious all the time. What to serve to your little one? Did he sleep well? Why he ate so little? Why is he not happy? You are probably going to lose out on more sleep thinking about all the why’s and what’s than because of erratic sleep patterns of a new-born baby. This new friend called ANXIETY won’t leave you EVER! Mothering is not for the faint hearted, meek souls.Being a mother 02

2. You will have a “worst mother” halo glowing behind your head (24×7): If there ever was or is a “worst person” trophy, then it’s going to be so yours. There shall be times when you will feel like the worst mother in the world. At some point your little one might scream this out loud at a public place making you feel like killing yourself. You’ll forget something, do something or say something or will accidentally hurt your child to get a trophy with the WORST MOTHER written in BOLD (and UNDERLINED). The other day I bit my son’s finger. I have even banged his tiny head into a doorway. All this happens. It happened with our mothers and their mothers too. Again, Mothering is not for the faint hearted, meek souls.

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