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5 Benefits Of Tummy Time With Your Newborn

Most doctors suggest that you can start it as soon as you bring your newborn from the hospital. However, some parents wait for at least two weeks before they can actually begin this routine. What is tummy time, anyway? Let’s find out!

Getting Toys For Your Kids 01

Getting Toys For Your Kids – Points To Note

These playthings also help in building a sense of independence and responsibility early in your child’s life. Some kids may learn to take care of themselves after knowing how to care for their dolls and figurines.

Speech Disturbance 01

My Three-Year-Old Has Speech Disturbance – Ways To Resolve?

In as many as 90% of the cases, the speech disturbance goes to four-years-of-age, as children start going to school and start conversing more frequently with people around them at home and with other children at school.

role good education plays in your childs future 01

Role Good Education Plays in Your Child’s Future

The idea of quality education is to give the child the knowledge and skills required to function in the society. Children must have a good education, so they can grow up to be a good and responsible citizen.

Healthy child development 04

How Learning Magic Tricks Contributes to Healthy Child Development

There’s no arguing the fact that kids love magic. If you’ve ever hired a magician to perform at your child’s birthday party, we’re betting that you heard squeals of joy. Not just that! You would in a way be contributing to the children’s healthy brain development too.

Why should children eat dates 01

Why should children eat dates

Sweet, luscious and chewy, power packed with nutrients and minerals, dates as a fruit are the most underutilized. Have you often asked people around as to why should children eat dates?

magnesium rich foods for your kids 07

Top 8 magnesium rich foods for your kids

We have often heard about vitamins and calcium content when it comes to a growing child, but what about other elements?

Music for overall development 02

Music for overall development of your kid? – Your answer is here

We are living in the 21st century and gone are the days when only studies would make Jack the perfect boy.

Empower your child 01

Empower your child for a better tomorrow

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

Tracking your child_s development milestones 02

PediaSure – Tracking your child’s development milestones – Phase 3

We have entered into our 3rd-month usage of PediaSure, and I can see myself grinning from ear to ear! Yes, I am not joking, I mean it.

healthy drink for positive growth and development 03

Unboxing a healthy drink for positive growth and development of my child – Part 2

It has been well over a month of continued PediaSure usage and don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Why?

Childhood Obesity 05

Parents guide to dealing with childhood obesity

Obesity was often associated with adults. Well, not anymore. Childhood Obesity is on the rise significantly.

Dyslexia - What parents need to know 01

7 Facts about Dyslexia – What parents need to know

A quite common yet majorly misunderstood neurological disorder, Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that causes trouble in reading and writing activities of a person.

Children who grow up with pet animals 02

Children who grow up with pet animals are emotionally more intelligent

We have all grown up with pets when we were kids. Even if we didn’t have any at our own place, there was one pet which we fondly remember at either of our grandparent’s place.

Developmental Milestones 04

5 Important developmental milestones for 3 to 4 year olds

The beginning of questioning and answering in tiny little ways commences in this age group.

Augmented reality games 01

Playshifu – One of the best augmented reality games for kids

This summer, introduce your kids to one of the new concepts of infotainment.

Healthy fruits 05

Feed these 10 nutritious and healthy fruits to your child

We all know the importance of fruits in our diet. An equally high portion of fruits is required in your kids’ diet as well.

Signs intelligent babies show

5 Signs intelligent babies show – Child doctor reveals

As a parent, we all want to invest most of our time raising a child who – if not genius – is at least intelligent.

Importance of placenta during pregnancy 01

Importance of placenta during pregnancy

The placenta is nothing less than a miracle if you examine its importance during a pregnancy. It develops in the uterus and functions almost independently of your brain and the spinal cord.

Increase my baby appetite 01

3 Things I did to increase my baby’s appetite and help him gain weight

Till about the first two years of childbirth, my baby boy was reaching all the growth-related milestones. He was always touching the above 50 percentile for body weight and height.

Signs of autism 02

What parents need to know about the first signs of autism

Parenting special kids is a blessing in disguise. Even though at first you don’t want to believe that your little one has an issue. But autism, if detected early, (say around 18 months) can make a huge difference.


Unboxing a healthy drink for the positive growth and development of my child

As parents, we constantly worry about our kids’ health and wellness. One of the bigger concerns as they grow is whether they’re getting all the nutrition they need.


Top 10 tips for new born baby care

Childbirth is a time which every mother looks forward to. Nothing brings more joy to a family than the birth of a newborn.


Things about an induced C-Section you only find out when you go through one

Pregnancy and motherhood are indeed very beautiful experiences. Whether you are expecting a little bundle of joy or already undertaking a journey of nurturing a new life outside your body, you are in a period of immense exhilaration!


The precious first hug by a mother- An absolute essential

“When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.”- Hugh Jackman.

Flintobox – The ultimate king of kids subscription boxes

Last week, I received a box in my mail and as soon as I opened it, my boy came running towards what they call “Flintobox”.

Positive parenting skills 01

How to build positive parenting skills for raising kids without the use of fear

For a long time, parents across different cultures have used “Fear” as a tool to instill discipline and obedience amongst the children.

Teach your child how to read 07

5 Easy ways of how to teach your child to read

Reading is a good habit! But, how to teach your child to read? Well! The answer is really easy.

Picky food eater 07

3 Outstanding tips for picky food eaters – A guide to coping with kids fuss

Food, mostly is more than just a nutritional need. It is also a deeply sensory experience. We all enjoy fine dining and uplifting gastronomic experiences.

Story telling 06

5 Reasons why you should keep the art of storytelling alive

There is no turning away from the fact that kids today are born in an age of technology. It is but inevitable that they are growing up in an environment of tremendous opportunity and information.