5 Signs intelligent babies show – Child doctor reveals

Here is how to know that your baby is really smart! The child doctor revels these 5 telltale signs of intelligent babies!

As a parent, we all want to invest most of our time raising a child who – if not genius – is at least intelligent. When I was pregnant, people around asked me to eat soaked almonds, avocados, walnuts and other food items which they thought would help nourish the baby in the womb in such a way that he/she turns out to be a super human. Most parents are always curious to understand signs intelligent babies show.Signs intelligent babies show
I won’t lie to you, the truth is that in the hearts of hearts I too wanted to be sure that the life growing in my womb was smarter than us. I ended up spending time listening to Mozart and learning Mandarin. Why? Someone told me that all this boosts the unborn baby’s emotional intelligence.

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I also met up with a doctor who was visiting India for a summit. She happens to be a friend’s friend. Aware of how tough my pregnancy was, she just knew how my mood was. The inquisitive me asked her to share a few signs of a smart baby. I am not sure if she was serious enough or sort-of thought how crazy I was to be asking about the IQ of my child when all I should have been doing was relaxing.

5 Hallmarks of an Intelligent Child

When you are pregnant, all you really want is someone to tell you things that make your mood go light! I remember a few of the signs of a smart baby that the doctor shared with me. I was really fascinated to learn about them, and am sharing them with you here… Continue Reading..

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