7 Facts about Dyslexia – What parents need to know

Dyslexia is not a disease. Here is what parents need to know about this disorder 

A quite common yet majorly misunderstood neurological disorder, Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that causes trouble in reading and writing activities of a person. Anyone suffering from this condition also has trouble in pronouncing words properly and getting the right directions.

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Looking at the lack of awareness about this condition, it becomes tough for the parents to raise a dyslexic child properly. Most of the people in India ignore the early symptoms of Dyslexia believing that their child is not taking an active interest in his/her studies.

As the children do not get enough understanding from their parents, they become frustrated and anxious with their difficulties which give rise to various other troubles in their behavior. Therefore, it is essential that parents should have some knowledge about this condition so that they can help their children in getting the proper care.

Here are some facts that parents should know about Dyslexia, as awareness can prove to be a way of dealing this situation in the best possible way.

1. It is very common

According to a report, 1 out of 5 kids has Dyslexia. The reason behind its anonymity is that many remain undiagnosed and keep struggling with this condition due to lack of awareness. Therefore, parents should not ignore any sign related to Dyslexia and consult specialists from the best neuro hospital in India to give their child the best treatment.

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2. They are not lazy or unmotivated

Just because they take a longer time to finish their assignments and tests, it does not mean that they are lazy or disinterested in the subjects. It is important to understand that dyslexic children’s brain functions slower as compared to other kids. Hence, they take more time in processing the instructions given.

3. Not a disease but a lifelong condition

It is just a learning disability and not a disease. And since it is not a disease, it cannot be cured but surely can be controlled. If you think that more studying and excessive pressure can make it vanish, then you are wrong. However, proper help in reading and writing can improve their condition so, try to give them one-on-one support so that they can move forward at their own pace.

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4. Dyslexia affects everyone differently in many ways

Every child with Dyslexia is different, and his/her condition also comes in all ranges. While some may have difficulty in writing, others may suffer from verbal issues. Some children also have amazing qualities showing great intelligence. Each child has unique needs depending on his/her difficulties. As all of them have unique characteristics, one cannot treat them as a homogenous group.

5. Many children with Dyslexia have low Self-Esteem

Dyslexic children know their learning abilities are not as good as other kids in the classroom, so they start feeling dumb and stupid among other. This, in turn, adversely affects their self-esteem. Hence, parents and teachers must encourage them and promote their strengths and talents in other activities such as art, music, and painting, etc.

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6. They have average to above-average intelligence

Just because they are dyslexic, one cannot say that their IQ level will be low. Instead, their IQ level can be average to above-average showing their intelligence level. Parents will be surprised to know that famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Tom Cruise, Muhammed Ali, Steve Jobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Picasso, and Richard Branson all have Dyslexia but they still excelled in their respective fields due to their gifted talents.

7. Children with Dyslexia are often creative

Some of them are highly creative and show incredible talents in activities like music, acting, technology, design, or even sports. Therefore, parents should rather praise them for their creative streak to help them become confident individuals.

After reading these facts, there are high chances that the parents will understand the complexities of Dyslexia will try to give a little more attention towards their children’s learning ability.

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It is important for everyone to remember that every child is special and we need to nurture his/her talents with love and care. A child with Dyslexia also has the right to live his dreams, and it is the duty of parents to help him achieve that.

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