4 Important Developmental Milestones For 3 To 4 Year Olds

The beginning of questioning and answering in tiny little ways commences in the age group of 3-4 years. The terrific twos are over. The troublesome threes are here to welcome you! Your wonder bubble is into the mystic mayhems of three and four. An interesting and challenging development phase for both children and parents. Wondering what the developmental milestones are? Thinking if your not so tiny baby has been showing behavioral and physical progress?

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The age of 3-4 years is usually preschool or early school days, filled with lots of physical and emotional changes in your child. An evident growth in their cognitive and motor skills, physical development, emotional balances, and communication patterns are seen in their pattern of behavior. Scroll a little to know about the common developmental milestones in children between three to four years and reassure yourself of the growth of your child.

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Common developmental milestones in children between 3 to 4 years

1. Communication skills

An exponential change and growth in the communication skills of your child are clearly visible. Give your child a series of three to four-step instructions; he or she can follow them easily. Right from answering their name, age, and gender, they can also understand and make out the difference between ‘is’, ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’ etc.

A clarity in singular and plural words and their usage in sentences slowly creep their thoughts. The conversations would now get extended to three to four sentences and not just end with single-word responses. Language is the best friend of your child. Teach them with love and patience.

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2. Cognitive skills

Oh! Most parents have a tough time running behind the child and answering their simple questions like ‘How do birds fly and why cannot we fly’, ‘Why is it dark in the night, where is the light’ etc. A lot of reasoning comes into the picture as their problem-solving skills are challenged. Your child would love to play with switches, buttons, levers, etc. A mode of playing with toys such as animals, dolls, and also with people are comprehended.

They can reflect whatever we do at this juncture. Copying anything and everything; from people’s actions to simple copying, the coloring book is seen. If this is happening to your child; don’t get upset or annoyed; rest assured, your child is in the right direction of life.

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3. Physical development

Walking, running, jumping, climbing, etc., is their life. You see your child kicking the ball, climbing up and down the stairs, moving forward and backward with great alertness, hops, and stands for few seconds steadily on his or her foot. A busy preschooler has been active. Be at peace that the physical development of your child is on the right track.

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4. Social and emotional interactions

An immense amount of social and emotional changes are seen in children between three to four years. Beyond the fact that the little one is getting physically independent, you can also see and feel the emotional changes of your child. Certainly, the kid would show tantrums if you leave them with the nanny or at a playschool. Having said that, your child will start to know to adjust and accommodate others to his/her needs.

Showing affection for people around without any hesitation and an increase in their creativity and imagination skills is seen in team activities and games. He or she might be interested in new experiences in life. Besides this, a wide range of emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness is certainly noted.

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The above mentioned developmental milestones are the most common features seen in the children between three-to-four year old. Having said that, every child is unique in their own way and might take their own sweet time. So do not worry, if this doesn’t happen in this exact time frame. Toys such as these realistic Kiss Reborn dolls help improve their social and communication skills. 

Do consult a doctor if you still feel your child is not responding to the natural developments.

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