Unboxing A Healthy Drink For Positive Growth And Development Of My Child – Part 2

It has been well over a month of continued PediaSure usage and doesn’t think I’ve ever been happier. Why? Because we’re seeing an upward spike in his growth and development. He’s now having much happier breakfast times. The same morning mealtime that would put me in a crazy mood throughout the day is now lighter and easier for both my child and me. Chasing the little one with his wholegrain wheat bread slice and half-eaten fruit all the time was getting extremely tiring. But, now I can say that breakfast is a fun time together. No more running around with the milk spilling all over or flakes are mostly thrown on the floor. Thanks to PediaSure as a breakfast supplement, I can now go to work in peace.

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Mealtime nightmares are nothing new to parents. I’ve even seen how my friends spend hours sitting with their kids trying to get them to eat at least one meal properly, with the right nutrition. I had the same problem, as I mentioned but found the solution when a friend introduced me to PediaSure.

Just like you, dear reader, I also had a lot of queries. But, after doing a lot of research, I decided to introduce PediaSure into my son’s diet and things have been much better since. With the monsoons in their full glory, I am mostly worried about him catching a cold; not anymore though! With PediaSure in my kitchen cabinet, I’m glad his increased immunity levels will keep those infections and bugs at bay.

Our PediaSure usage:

I gave my child PediaSure mixed with oats. Being a working mom, mornings are the busiest part of the day for me. I generally prepare some oats with milk before my son goes to play school; they’re quick and easy to prepare. However, I keep introducing new things into the mix to ensure his breakfast isn’t just oats every single day. Kids tend to get bored quite easily with repetition and routine. Keep in mind, if you’re using PediaSure with milk; make sure that it isn’t too hot. To be precise, it shouldn’t be more than 35 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures will kill the probiotic contents in the PediaSure mix. Also, PediaSure is not for children who are suffering from galactosemia or who are lactose intolerant.

PediaSure recipes:

My son loves bananas, so I thought of secretly including PediaSure in his diet by adding it in his favorite banana milkshake. In the evening when I return from work, I usually give him a quick snack or a PediaSure infused banana milkshake. By introducing PediaSure into the milkshake I can comfortably say that my son is getting the desired nutrition necessary for his brain development and overall growth. There are a varied number of recipes available on the Pediasure website as well. Click here to check out a few.healthy drink for positive growth and development 02


Like, I said my son is slowly and steadily evolving from being a picky eater to a happy eater. All this is happening at a slow but steady pace, and I will continue this journey with PediaSure and monitor the progress. I’m super happy that during this monsoon season my son hasn’t had to take a sick day off from pre-school as his immunity seems to be working wonderfully! I already feel that things like runny noses and picky eatingare things of the past; hopefully, left behind for good. I’ve also noticed that his physical growth also seems to be increasing steadily and I’m willing to bet that this is all due to the introduction of PediaSure in his life.

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Experiment with other flavors:

We are currently loving the Premium Chocolate flavor of PediaSure. I will definitely try other flavors like Kesar Badam and Vanilla, but before that, I want my son to really settle down completely so that I don’t have second thoughts before the introduction of a new flavor.

Picky eater issues:

My son would sometimes just simply refuse to eat more than two bites of an entire meal. This left me wondering where he would get the desired nutrition required for his proper development and growth. PediaSure usage has resolved most of these worries. And I can say that I no longer fret about meal times with my son because he is getting the nutrition in the desired proportion.

Do join me on #MyPediaSureJourney and I will be posting follow up articles on my #90DaysWithPediaSure to tell you just how the product is working out for my son with more insights.healthy drink for positive growth and development 04


  • One must consult a doctor before starting it if a child is under 2 years of age.It is not advised for infants less than 1 year of age, unless specified by a physician.
  • Not for IV use.
  • Not advisable for children with Galactosemia or those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Although PediaSure approached me to write about their product, the views and opinions expressed in the article are purely my own.

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