The power of a good warm hug

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words,” said Ann Hood.

I want my child to know 06

3 Shocking truths I want my child to know

Importance of telling the truth is an essential practice. Some of these truths may not be pleasant but I just want my child to know them anyway!

Beautiful poems 03

Beautiful poems from Ginger and Honey

We have handpicked a beautiful poem from Ginger and Honey – an unusual free verse poetry collection eBook. Ever wondered why the art of existence is considered to be the key of all living creatures? Give How to exist a gentle read to understand!

Mothers Day 04

Everyday should be Mother’s Day!

I have been writing on motherhood for almost 4 months now and not once have I graciously mentioned anything about this one woman who has sacrificed her entire life for us (I and my brother). My mother, Oh! My Ma, why have I never thanked you enough!

Word Thank 03

The word ‘Thank’ is not enough

I am a reflection of my mother. Who is she and what she has done for me always stays with me in my mind. This year Mother’s Day and ‘The Champa Tree’ have given me the opportunity to give words to those intangible thoughts and to transcend them into a bigger space.

Selfless Mothers Love 02

Selfless Mothers Love- Poll 1

TCT has partnered with Greater Kailash Part-I, S -Block RWA for their upcoming Mother’s Day Poll called ‘Selfless Mother’s Love’. If you are a part of the group on Facebook, then please read on to participate in this awesome, fun and easy quiz!

Dear Mummy 02

My dear Mummy…

As a part of the #MyMotherMyHero campaign, TCT brings to you a beautiful poem written by Neha Talwar. Emotions are best expressed in writing..So, this Mother’s Day, make your dear mummy feel special, gift her a poem!

Love without expectations 02

Love without expectations

This is for my mother who embodies this Love. After all these years, after all the people who have become part of my being, you, my dearest mother, remain the one who loves me the most. I can never return your love

Motherhood 03

Motherhood by Ritu

Mum, mom, mother, mama, maa… So many ways to describe that woman who gave birth to you, raised you, and made you what you are…I am very lucky, I have only had a positive experience of that maternal influence. My mother is one of the biggest influences and heroes in my life.


Originally posted on Silver Lining Mama:
SHE-LOGY: The blogger behind The Champa Tree shares 3 interesting female characters from a Woody Allen film, considered by the filmmaker as “arguably may be the best film that I’ve made”. ( I’d like to think I have somehow come full circle with She-logy, as my first post was a reference to Woody Allen’s other…

Let's be genuine 03

Let’s be genuine

I am a mother and that means a hell lot of responsibilities. It means having to go through sleepless nights, changing dirty diapers, trying out new baby recipes, not getting time to have your hot cup of tea or taking much-required pee breaks. It also means, having to forget all the self-infested misery that you have been drowning in, the minute your baby smiles at you and opens his arms to reach out to you.

Celebrating Women's Day 06

Celebrating Women’s Day

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on March 8, 2015 On the occasion of International Women’s Day, TCT brings to you 4 beautiful quotes by world renowned women writers These 4 ladies have inspired me a lot. I am a huge fan of their work. So, here is how I decided to celebrate today. Take a…

Places I would like to show you 04

Places I would like you to visit

I know you haven’t seen much of this world and perhaps you might still prefer my womb over what we call ‘this life’. But, as you are here, I would want you to touch, feel and smell LIFE. Smell fresh grass, the crisp and clean wood smoke, sweet smell of sweat and that of summer too. Taste rain, pain, happiness and misery. Feel love, patience, generosity and humor. Do you know how it feels to see winters wrapped in your arms or spring smiling on your face? Well, now that’s what you ought to see.

How to celebrate this love day 02

How to celebrate love day?

We are not running behind schedule. It’s just that TCT thinks every day is a love day. Besides, we wanted to capture a sweet little conversation about Valentine’s Day between a mother and her child. Check out this really cute poem about V-Day and a confused child written by Neha Tandon from Neha-Novice! Mumma, What is Valentine’s Day? I am very confused, How to celebrate this day?

The kids grow up believing it’s OK

The kids grow up believing it’s OK

The hard reality is that motherhood is one of the most thankless jobs in this world. Besides, what is even more thankless is the business of wifehood. If a mother is unable to pass on just the right values to her child (specifically her son) then she has pretty much failed in life. That mother is actually encouraging a lot of uninvited misery for her prospective daughter-in-law. If that same mother decides to stay in a loveless marriage or be abused by her in-laws/spouse or husband’s relatives then that’s what her child learns too.

Decisions 02


by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on February 8, 2015 TCT brings to you it’s first post from the Month of Love Series, “Decisions”. This one is about infinite possibilities, ultimate moments, love and togetherness of a couple. Read on to know if you can relate to it too.. I was just thinking about the sundry…