5 Great Ways To Avoid Stay-At-Home-Mom Burnout

Being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) is not that simple. It is easy to fall into a slump when you are at home with your little one, all day. Apart from pure love, motherhood also brings along many challenges for stay at home moms. If you are having feelings of exhaustion and unhappiness or you are not motivated to give your best, then you might be experiencing stay at home mom burnout. This is something very normal and with some mindset changes, you can easily become a productive and happy stay at home mom.

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Stay-at-home-moms have to shoulder many responsibilities and this can take a toll on their body and mind. Physical and mental exhaustion can surely create havoc. Just go through these 5 awesome ways to avoid stay-at-home-mom burnout. 

1. Break the routine (Well! Once in a while, to start with)

As moms, we tend to follow schedules and routines with our kids because it helps in running life smoothly. However, if your daily schedule is getting dull and repetitive then there is no harm mixing it up a little. For instance, you can change morning playtime with your child with afternoon outside time or you can designate Saturday nights as homemade pizza nights. 

2. Plan outings

Sometimes being cooped up in your house for a long time can bring negative feelings. You must plan an outdoor activity with your kid. You can take them to a park and instead of just sitting on the bench, you should run and play with your child. It is a great stress reliever and also a wonderful way to bond with your child. Sometimes you can go to a mall and do window shipping. Even a drive around your neighbourhood can work wonders.

3. Focus on yourself

Me time is very important when it comes to motherhood. Plan a nice date night with your husband or go out for a coffee with your girl gang. Even going to the spa or gym will leave you feeling refreshed.

4. Prepare in advance and be in control

Stay at home moms tend to get stressed when things are happening at the last minute. Like you are trying to find that school book just five minutes before the school bus is supposed to come or you getting late for your doctor’s appointment. If you experience all this, then it is important that you make a to-do list daily. It is good to plan ahead as it helps you to avoid last-minute rush.

5. Take care of yourself

This is the most important tip for all stay at home moms. All of us spend most of our time worrying about taking care of our children and husband and due to this sometimes we do not take care of ourselves. If we do not take good care of ourselves then eventually we would skip caring about our emotional well being and this can cause stay at home mom burnout.

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Just remember, this is a phase, and you shall soon be out of it. Motherhood can be overwhelming. You just need to go with the flow 🙂

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