A Letter From A Mother to Her Expectant Daughter

As the weeks go by and we watch the time, time moves very slowly for those who are waiting for something BIG to happen. So, a busy week will seem to go by faster, and that ‘big’ day will arrive. For most pregnant moms, the feeling of excitement, emotions confusion, – all this being felt at the same time can be overwhelming. YOU, my lovely expectant mommy, you will look for comfort, soothing words pouring in from around shall be more than welcomed with a smile. As for me, my mom was the one who was eager and exhilarated. She wanted to be there for me all through the pregnancy. The words I would most often hear coming from her were- “Because you need taking care of too.” One day, she surprised me by sending a letter. I remember that letter. That letter from a mother (who could physically not be around) to another.

A letter from a mother to her expectant daughter 01

It all began by asking me to find a quiet corner where I could sit and relax, take a deep breath. Perhaps, she knows me so well! That letter, when I think of it, I am only filled with emotions. It said…

“My Dear Daughter,

I know how you have wanted to be a mother. I have told you so many times, that no mom’s life has been an easy one. So, your life will change you forever, just as it changed mine. Please, take good care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, and look after yourself. Take maximum advantage of the concept called- ‘sleep’. Because, once the baby is out, you will never have enough sleep. That sleep which is often termed as the peaceful, blissful therapy.  A true sleep where you only and truly think of yourself.

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You will never be the same, ‘chilled-out’ person who would grab the popcorn and watch a movie or read through the night. Motherhood will change your life. I know I have been repeating myself time and again, but it’s only a sincere effort in avoiding any reflags being raised later 😉

You shall stay up and awake all through the night, only this time it won’t be a book or a movie! I know you will do your best to look after that little bundle of joy. If you feel like you’re alone in this, take a break, call me over or ask for help! Do never ignore your needs. Please take good care of yourself!

It’s easy said than done, but, yes mothering is a full-time job which requires patience. Motherhood will change your inner most being. There will be moments packed with laughter, tears, fear, victories and defeats. There will be days packed with those feelings that will make you wish you could rescue all the children that are undergoing pain in ways I better not describe. This is what motherhood does to us!

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As your mother, I would like you to know that I am there. I am there for you. I pray to god that in your moments of weakness, I am strong to be able to happily take on the pains which will soon be part of your motherhood journey I will be strong, brave and courageous for you in those moments. I know it’s hard to let go of a part of your heart, but losing you to a love that moves mountains is definitely worth it.  A bond so strong that I would love to celebrate. While you and I continue to share that bond of love, but I seriously don’t mind you having all your love and attention showering upon a gentle, little soul.

Love, Ma”

All-in-all, a new mom’s life transits from that of being ‘just-yourself’ to becoming a mother. She is no longer as important to herself for she begins to live to see her kid(s) doing well. Becoming a mother changes the entire focus surrounding a woman. In no time, she gets involved with her little one so much so, that she simply forgets to take care of herself. Which is why Himalaya for Moms has introduced a new herbal range that is enriched with natural ingredients for all those new mothers out there who must and better take good care of themselves! Himalaya FOR MOMS believes that the journey of motherhood is a beautiful example of the wonders of the human body – to be able to stretch and accommodate the arrival of a new life. The discomfort brought by skin changes, swollen feet, heartburn, bladder issues, and irregular sleep is all worth it once your bundle of joy arrives. To make sure every mom stays fit and fine, the brands has introduced a range of products for moms, specially formulated keeping specific needs of a mother in mind, both during and after pregnancy. They have combined their proprietary science with the principles of Ayurveda and calming and relaxing fragrances to give mom products that will soothe, heal and invigorate her body.

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When you choose a product from the Himalaya FOR MOMS line, know that you are choosing the very best for you and your baby.

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