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Top 52 Modern Indian baby names for 2020

“Happiness is, a baby holding your finger with his whole hand.” Your baby’s name should also hold a special place in the lives of those who surround him/her through his/her life. Here is a list of 52 baby names that are going to be trending in 2020. They are modern but their meanings are traditional. Isn’t that a super combination?

Do You Think A Child’s Name Affects How They Develop 01

Do You Think A Child’s Name Affects How They Develop?

Many cultures and religion across the world, talk about how a baby name affects the growth and development of a person. Each one of them has their reasoning. So do you think a child’s name affects how they develop?

Hindu Baby Names of 2019 02

Top 50 Hindu Baby Names of 2020

50 Popular and trending Hindu baby names of 2019 for girls and boys

Mommy's guide to skin care 05

Mommy’s guide to skin care while caring for the baby

Having babies means additional responsibilities for moms and little or no time to mind their looks. It means that they have to be around their kids almost all the time, monitoring all their moves and ensuring their stay safety and good health.

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These celebrity baby names might be everywhere soon

Pregnancy and parenthood are the most amazing phase in a couple’s life. The first time parents are always excited and thrilled about everything.

Indian baby names with meaning 01

Top 50 Indian Baby Names Of 2020 With Meanings

Are you looking for a name for your gurgling bundle of joy? Is the naming ceremony getting too close for comfort? We are here to help!

top 50 Hindu baby names 01

Top 50 Hindu baby names

In a culturally diverse nation like India, many people still believe that there’s more to a person’s name than its aesthetics and sound.


Baby Dove Baby Name Contest

Are all mommies ready for a fabulous surprise coming your way?

Top Baby Names of 2016

Top Baby Names of 2020 – What Should I Name My Baby?

The onset of 2020 marks the beginning of a new journey, a new parenting ride for some of you.

Top baby names of 2015 12

Top baby names of 2015 starting with letter M

Looking for unique baby names for your yet-to-arrive-baby? I know of a lot of parents who plan on keeping the pre-decide neutral baby name (because they love that name so much) and rather stick to it NO MATTER WHAT.

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Top Modern Baby Boy And Girl Names Of 2020

Just before we say goodbye to 2015, here are a few unique baby names to consider if your baby is expected anytime this month or the month after!

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Top Baby Names Of 2020 Starting With Letter K

The best part about life is to give birth to another life. And all the things related to it, such as watching your newborn sleep.

30 Unique Baby Names Of 2020 Starting With Letter S

A much loved letter for best baby names is the letter S. From traditional baby names to more modern baby names, there are all kinds that fit this letter.

Top baby names of 2015 04

Top baby names of 2015 with letter V

Shortlisting the unique baby names for your baby and then finalizing one that one sweet name can be a tough job.

20 Best baby names starting with letter R

20 Best baby names starting with letter R

Have you already set up a nursery? Your due date is around the corner? All the newborn baby shopping has been done?

Top 20 Modern Baby Names of 2015 for Boys & Girls - The Champa Tree

Modern Baby Name Ideas – Top 20 Modern Baby Names of 2020

Besides setting up the nursery, doing all the shopping and baby proofing the house, one of the most daunting tasks for expecting parents is to decide and finalise on a name for their newborn.

Indian unique baby names starting with letters A and Aa

Indian unique baby names starting with letter A and Aa

As a part of the Baby Names series, TCT brings to you a comprehensive list of modern as well as traditional but meaningful Indian baby boy names starting with alphabet A and Aa. Also, take a quick look at the personality traits related to these names!

Top Baby Names of 2015

Top Baby Names of 2015

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 3, 2015 The Champa Tree simplifies the life of expecting & new parents. Here are Top Baby Names for this 2015.  Baby naming trend is expected to take a more creative turn this year. Have fun!  Choosing an ideal name for your baby can be quite a task. For…