30 Unique Baby Names Starting With S (2022 Updated List)

Baby names starting with S alphabet or sound are thought to be auspicious. From traditional baby names to more modern baby names, there are all kinds that fall in this list. In our culture, it is a common practice to name children after the corresponding letter or syllable of the birth star. The baby nakshatra/rashi (horoscope) is also said to have an influence on the child’s life and it can help identify the ideal letter for a new baby name.

Many new parents consult astrologers for baby names, what they mean as per the child’s birth chart and suggest the ideal letter which will help him grow and prosper throughout his lifetime. One of the most popular letters that arise from such studies is S. With many variants, combinations, and styles the letter S has become exceedingly popular in trending unique baby names.

Top 30 Baby Names Starting With S (2020 Updated List)

So whether you believe in astrology or just like the letter, we have listed out the top baby names starting from the letter S for you to pick from.

New baby names starting with S – Baby girl names:

(Name meanings mentioned against each)

Saadya – God’s helper

Saaiqa – Lightening

Saanya – Distinguished

Saara – Princess

Saarya – Pious

Saatvika – Calm

Saba – Morning breeze

Sadaf – Pearl

Sadia – Blessed

Safia – Chaste

Safira – Traveller

Sahasra – New beginning

Saher – Dawn

Sahiba – The lady

Sahira – Mountain

Salena – The moon

Samaa – One who listens

Samaira – Enchanting

Samaata – The moon

Samiya – Incomparable

Samra – Promise

Saura – Celestial

Semanti – A white rose

Serena – Quiet

Seya – Shadow

Shabab – Beauty

Shayna – Beautiful

Sonika – Golden

Sunaya – Just

Surina – Goddess

Top 30 Baby Names Starting With S (2020 Updated List)

New baby names starting with S – Baby boy names:

(Name meanings mentioned against each)

Saabir – The one who is patient

Saatvik – Virtuous

Saarth – To have meaning or purpose

Saaz – Melody

Saaiq – One on the right path

Sachet – Joyful

Sadhil – Perfect

Sadiq – Kingly

Saeed – Priestly

Saish – A saint

Samar – To talk in the evening

Samyak – Enough

Sanchay – Collection

Santanu – Wholesome

Sarang – A musical instrument

Sartaj – Crown

Saquib – Bright

Shaan – Peace

Shray – Credit

Souren – Of the sun

Souvik – Magician

Subeer – Courageous

Suchir – Eternal

Sufyan – An old Arabic name

Suhaan – Pleasant

Suhayl – Star

Sukrit – Good deed

Sumedh – Wise

Sumeer – Lord of wisdom

Sumeet – Good friend

So, which one was your favorite from the list of unique baby names starting with the letter ‘S’? If you have any new names to suggest, feel free to share the same in our comments section.

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