Top Baby Names of 2022 – What Should I Name My Baby?

The Champa Tree wishes all it’s readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! The onset of 2022 marks the beginning of a new journey, a new parenting ride for some of you. There must be quite a lot of our readers who are probably expecting a baby! Many congratulations to you. I am thrilled and excited to learn about the news. I am sure you are probably (and frantically) looking for some cute girl names and unique boy names. And to simplify your life, we bring to you a mix of modern baby names as well as traditional baby names and their meanings which will trend in 2022.

These beautiful baby names are handpicked keeping their uniqueness in mind. Did you ever thought about the recent trending names in 2022 which were ending with “ira“, “yra” and “ian“? Last year, I attended quite a few baby showers and first birthday parties and hearing all these repetitive names, it knocked me over with a feather. What is so unique about these baby names anymore? Every second mother and father shortlisted these for their son and/or daughter. Just imagine, what will happen when they attend their first day at school. I won’t be surprised if I get to know that there are more than 5 or 6 kids with the same name in the same classroom.

Speaking of which, here are some names for babies from me. I recommend that as a new parent, you should at least shortlist 4-5 beautiful baby names (for a boy and a girl) well in advance. This just helps avoid last-minute chaos and also gives enough time for parents to develop some sort of a liking towards the final name that they decide on/after the delivery.

Top Baby Names for Boys and Girls of 2022:

For Girls:

(Refer to the below list of baby girl names with meanings)

Aarika Admired for looks
Aarvi Peace
Adya First/Unparalled
Anamitra The sun
Anaya Answer of God
Ariana Silver
Avisha Gift from god
Chahana Desire
Charlotte –
Charvi A beautiful woman
Dhruvati Firmly fixed
Dhwani Sound
Ena Mirror
Enaakshi Deer eyed
Eshanika Fulfilling desire
Gaurika A young girl
Harshini Happy
Ihina Enthusiasm
Inayat Kindness
Inaaya Empathy
Jenya True
Keya Flower
Kyra Light
Mia Beloved
Mihika Mist/Snow
Navya New
Rabia Famous/Godly
Parnika A small leaf
SeshaGood Behavior
Sayuri Flower
Vanya God’s gracious gift
Vrishti Rain
Zara Princess

For Boys:

(Refer to the below list of baby boy names with meanings)

Aadit Peak
Aagney Born of fire
Abhik Beloved
Arsh Crown
Ayaan Someone who is religiously inclined
Charvik Intelligent
Daksh Capable
Divit Immortal
Harshul Deer
Idhant Luminous
Inaksh Flower
Ivaan God’s gracious gift
Kanishk An ancient king
KayaanDynasty of King Kaikobad
ManitHighly Respected
MerajHeights (Bulandi)
ParthEmperor of the World
Reyaansh Part of Lord Vishnu
Rishit The best
Saatvik Pious
Sresht Best of all
Tarus Light
Vaidik The one who is enlightening
Vihaag Moon/Bird
Vihaan Morning/Dawn
Vyom Sky
Yashmit Famed
ZekeThe strength of God
ZivenVigorous and alive

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