Top Baby Names Of 2015 Starting With Letter M

Looking for unique baby names for your yet-to-arrive-baby? I know of a lot of parents who plan on keeping the pre-decide neutral baby name (because they love that name so much) and rather stick to it, no matter what. They are way too determined! But, the majority of new parents are often confused. After all, baby naming is a task. I think that as per Indian traditions and beliefs, the name is the only thing that stays with you for the rest of your life. It also defines your personality over a course of time. So, if your name is ‘Harsh’, then it means you are full of joy. It’s true! Top baby names of 2015 08

Astrologers and our own grandparents also recommend that a new parent should at least shortlist 5 baby boy names and 5 cute girl names once they have a letter in hand. This just helps avoid last-minute chaos and also gives enough time for the parent to develop a liking for the final name they decide on. Which further leads to preconceived relation of the name with their baby.

To simplify your life, The Champa Tree brings to you the top baby names of 2015. They are a mix of traditional baby names and modern baby names inspired by the current trends of this year. So here, take a look:

Top Baby Boy Names

(Name meanings mentioned against each name)

Maahir- Brave

Madin- Delightful

Maharth- Very truthful

Mahee- Lord Vishnu

Maheep- King

Maher- Skilled

Malav- A musical raag

Manalp- Very different

Mandith- Decorated

Mansh- Salvation

Manyu- Mind

Maral- Swan

Maulik- Valuable

Medant- The one who destroys the evil

Meghan- Pearl

Mehul- Rain

Mihir- The Sun

Mihit- One of the names for Sun in Indian mythology

Mivaan- Sun rays of god

Moksh- LiberationTop baby names of 2015 09

Top Baby Girl Names

(Name meanings mentioned against each name)

Mahi- River; Earth; Where heaven and Earth meets

Maanyata- Assumption

Mahira- Skilled

Malaya- Sandalwood

Malishka- The little one (in Russian)

Mana- Supernatural power

Mananya- Praiseworthy

Mandana- Cheerful

Manya- Worthy of honor

Marya- Limit

Marvi- Beauty redefined

Maulika- The original

Mayil- Like a peacock

Mayra- Beloved

Medhya- Fresh

Meehika/Mihika- Mist/fog

Meher- Benevolence

Mihira- Feminine form of Mihir- the Sun

Miraya- Lord Krishna’s devotee

Moshika- PrincessTop baby names of 2015 11

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