Modern Baby Name Ideas – Top 20 Modern Baby Names of 2022

Besides setting up the nursery, doing all the shopping and baby-proofing the house, one of the most daunting tasks for expecting parents is to decide and shortlist some modern baby names for their newborn. It is the identity given to the child at birth and will stay with them for their whole life. It is what people will recognize him/her with. So it needs to be perfect. You don’t want a baby name that sounds outdated, but you don’t want something that sounds absolutely ridiculous either. Quite a fix isn’t it? To ease your stress a little we have listed out the top 20 best modern names for baby boys and baby girls so you have a plethora of options to choose from. Take a look at some unique baby names with their meanings.

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Here is the list of modern baby names that are trending in 2022:

For girls

Your little princess will capture your heart the moment you set eyes on her. She will go on to have the same effect on others. So her name should also be something as ethereal, unique and beautiful as she is and be unforgettable to everyone who hears it. Here are some modern baby names that would be perfect for your little darling. Do let us know which is your favorite from this list of top baby girl names. 

Advika – one who is unique

Anaya – answer of God

Aara – bringer or light

Alima – wise

Anisa – Joy and pleasure

Ariana – silver

Dahlia – flower

Ena – mirror

Inaaya – empathy

Ihina – enthusiasm

Illisha – born to rule the world

Insiyah – woman

Irsia – rainbow

Kiara – dark haired

Keya – flower

Navya – new

Rabia – famous / godly

Samaira – enchanting

Vanya – God’s gracious gift

Zara – princess

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For boys

Your young boy will be your little prince. With love and adoration that will give him the strength to rule the world, he needs to have a befitting and unique boy name too. Whether you name him after beautiful qualities or choose to enchant the world with a poetic name, he deserves the best name that you can give him. Here are a few modern boy names for you to choose from. Do let us know which one you picked from this list of top baby boy names. 

Aarav – wisdom / musical notes

Aadit – peak

Divit – immortal

Hansh – God-like

Idhant – Luminous

Ivaan – Gods gracious gift           

Iniyan – pleasant             

Kiaan – king

Kanan – a garden

Karv – love

Kirin – poet

Reyansh – Ray of light / part of Lord Vishnu

Sabal – strength

Sahid – witness

Samar – evening talks

Taha – pure

Tarang – wave

Taksh – King Bharat’s son

Vihaan – morning/dawn

Vivaan – full of life

Have you decided yet? Let us know which name enthralls you the most or do share your suggestions.

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