Top Baby Names Of 2015 With The Letter V

Shortlisting the unique baby names for your baby and then finalizing one that one sweet name can be a tough job. What if you choose one that sounds good today, but will sound outdated once the little one is all grown up? Or what if it is something that he or she doesn’t like?

Picking a name is a complex task and having to rummage through book after book to find the perfect name can become exhausting. So to help you find the best possible names, we have listed the top baby names of 2015 from ‘V’ in our baby names series. Take a look at 30 cute girl names and top baby boy names that are trending this year. Choose the one that you feel would be perfect for your little prince or princess.

Top baby names of 2015 02

Top Baby Girl Names:

(Name meanings mentioned against each name)

Vaanika – Sita

Vaama – Woman

Vaiga – Goddess Parvati

Vahini – Flowing

Valini – Stars

Valiqa – Trustworthy

Vamanie – Power of land, sky and water

Vanca – Wish / desire

Vanani – Forest

Vaneesha – Queen of the universe

Vari – Water / sea

Vara – Goddess Parvati

Vartika – Lamp

Vashti – Kindness

Vilina – Dedicated

Veesta – Finder

Venah – Pining

Venya – Lovable

Viara – Faith

Vida – Evident

Vihaa – Morning / dawn

Vira – Brave

Virika – Brave

Viti – Light / knowledge

Vivika – Different

Viya – Poem

Viyana – Wisdom

Viyona – Sky

Vyaka – River

Vyga – Contending warTop baby names of 2015 03

Top Baby Boy Names:

(Name meanings mentioned against each name)

Vaidic- Related to Veda

Vairat – Gem

Valan – Ingenious

Vaman – Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Vana – Intelligence

Vanad – Cloud

Varij – Lotus

Vasav – An epithet of Indra

Vatsar – A year

Vayun – Lively

Ved – Sacred knowledge

Veer – Brave

Vian – Full of energy

Vidhan – Rules

Vidor – Cheerful

Vidun – Beautiful

Viha – Heaven / peace

Vihaan – Morning / dawn

Vilok – To see

Viraj – Splendor

Virun – Lord Krishna’s son

Vismay – Surprise

Vivaan – Full of life

Vivaash – Bright

Viyaan – Artist

Vrish – Strong

Vrit – Bliss

Vrusath- Prosperity

Vyan – Life-giving

Vyom – Sky / heaven

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So, which one was your favorite from the list of best baby names starting with the letter ‘V’? If you have any new names to suggest, feel free to share the same in our comments section

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