Top 52 Modern Indian Baby Names for 2021

Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. As you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, you strive to give them nothing but the best. One thing which many parents find tough is to choose a name for their child.

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Nowadays, parents look for modern Indian baby names deeply rooted in our Indian culture. We have curated a list of top 52 modern Indian baby names (with their meanings) that will be trending all through 2021. So, here’s promising all the expecting parents a list of thought-through, popular and awesome baby boy and girl names!

Check out these 52 Indian baby names that will be trending in 2021

Aarav: A loud sound

Aarna: Lakshmi

Aarush: The first ray of the winter sun

Aaryahi: Goddess Durga

Advik: Unique

Ahana: The first ray of sun

Anahita: Graceful

Anay: Lord Vishnu 

Arhaan: Emperor

Bhamini: Glorious or beautiful

Bhavin: A winner

Darshit: To pay respect

Devansh: A part of God

Divij: Celestial

Divyansh: Divine part

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Eshani: Goddess Parvati

Fateh: Victory

Hridaan: Great heart

Ivan: “God is Gracious”

Jivika: The source of life

Jivin: To give life

Keya: Flower

Kiara: Dark-haired

Kimaya: Divine

Kiaan: The king

Lakshit: Targetted

Lavanya: Grace or beauty

Miraan: Princely

Miraya: Lord Krishna’s devotee

Misha: Eternal happiness

Neysa: Pure

Nirvaan: Ultimate bliss

Nirvi: Bliss

Nishith: Night

Nitara: Deeply rooted

Ojas: Bountiful energy

Prerak: The one who encourages

Prisha: Beloved or God’s gift

Priyansh: Most valuable part of something

Renee: Born again

Riaan: Little king

Ritvik: Priest

Samaira: Enchanting

Samar: Talk in the evening

Samiha: Incomparable or gracious

Shalv: Lord Shiv

Shamik: Peaceful or an ancient sage

Stuvan: To praise

Trisha: Desire

Vritika: Thought

Yakshit: Permanent

Zeeshan: Strength

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