Top Baby Names Starting With K (Trending)

When a child is born, a lot is born. For parents it’s a new phase, for the family it’s a new joy, and for everyone, that’s another fortunate event. As kids are special, so is their name. As soon as a woman gets pregnant, family members start suggesting names. Before birth, the names suggested are for both boy and girl, or a name that can be given to both boy and girl. After birth, the names get more specific. In India, mostly the elders, astrologers, priests are consulted to suggest either a name or the first letter of the name. For Hindus, a lot depends on the stars too. But for those, who like Ekta Kapoor have a special inclination towards letter ‘K’, here’s a list to help you with names. 

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Check out the K name list for boys and girls with their meanings:

Baby boy names starting with K:

These unique baby names are not just cute, but a bit traditional and a bit modern too!

(Name meanings mentioned against each)

Kahaan – Lord Krishna

Kairav – Lotus

Kaitav – Hindu sage

Kalol – Chirp of birds

Kanav – Kundal in Lord Krishna’s ear

Kanv – Intelligent

Karnik – Judge

Karun – Merciful

Kashwin – Star

Kathan – Sentence

Kathith – Well recited

Kautik – Joy

Kavan – Poem/ Water

Kavin – Handsome

Kavish – King of poets

Kayan – The name of a dynasty of king Kaikobad

Keethan – Holy song

Kenil – Lord Shiva

Keyan – Crown

Kian – Grace of god

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Baby girl names starting with K:

(Name meanings mentioned against each)

Kaasni – Special girl/flower

Kaahini – Youthful/spirited

Kaira – Peaceful

Kairavi / Kairvi – Light of moon

Kalini – Flower

Kalya – Praise

Kamya – Beautiful

Kanasu – Dream

Kani – Girl

Kanira – Grain

Kankana – Bracelet

Kanvi – Flute

Karen – Pure

Karunya – Merciful

Kashika – The shiny one

Kashvi / Kashvee – Shining bright

Kautirya – Goddess Durga

Kavana – Poem

Kavisha – Lord of poets

Kavini – A small poem

The Champa Tree simplifies your life. Take a look at the extensive list of 300+ unique Indian baby names. Some of these baby boy names and baby girl names can fall in the traditional baby names category while others can be quite modern and perhaps Arabic too! 


Champa Tree has always maintained a balance between tradition and modern. Keeping with our ‘tradition’, the list has both, traditional and modern names. But is this the ultimate list of K names for babies? Definitely, not! There is no limit to imagination, and today’s parents don’t limit naming their child to traditional practices. Every parent wants to keep a unique name, one that would help the child prosper and grow in the field he or she chooses. They also look for a name that they think would suit a child’s demeanor. 

If you have any new K names to suggest, feel free to share the same in our comments section.

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    ■●■ Ena एना means-(ind.) in this manner, thus, then, at that time

    Ena / Enaa एना – black antelope

    ● Eni / Enee एनी- river, Gazelle (doe)

    Enakshi एनाक्षी -(f.) deer like eyed, beautiful eyed girl, girl having eyes like an

    antelope.It is made with joining of two words ‘Ena’+’akshi’.Hereएना means female antelope+अक्षि means eye
    ♡ Esha एषा -(f.) wish, this

    Ekashruti एकश्रुति -Vedic passage

    ● Ekamati एकमति -(adj.) unanimous, concentration of mind

    Eta/Etaa एता -(f.)hind (female deer)

    Etakshi एताक्षी -deer eyed, female or girl having beautiful eyes.This name is made by joining two words’Eta +Akshi’.Here एता means hind +अक्षि means eye

    Elika एलिका -small cardamom

    Elaa/Ela एला -sport, cardamom, pastime, merriness

    Ekina एकिना means-(adj.) simple, consisting of one

    Ekaja एकजा -(adj.) born or produced alone, single, alone of its kind,

    Ekoti एकोति -(adj.) tending to one single purpose, having one & same object of desire or aim

    #Ekagni एकाग्नि -(adj.) keeping only one fire (m.) one & the same fire

    Ekokati एकोक्ति -single word or

    expression.It is made with joining of एक+उक्ति.Here ukti means word or expression
    #Eshanika एषणिका -goldsmith’s scale

    Ekahna एकाह्ना -(ind.) during one day

    Eshati एषति -(verb) attain, move, creep, glide, seek, search

    Eshani एषणी -iron or steel probe

    Ekadha एकधा -(ind.) at once, simply, singly, together

    Eshana एषणा -request, desire, solicitation, seeking with

    #Edhasi एधसी means-prosperity, happiness.This is feminine form of ‘Edhas’/(एधस् )

    Edhita एधिता -grown, filed up, enlarged

    Edha एधा -spread, prosper,rise, grow strong, become happy.This is feminine form of Sanskrit word [(एध)/एध्]

    Edhini एधिनी – (f.) earth

    Edhasa एधसा – hapiness, prosperity, fuel.This name is derived from Sanskrit word (एधस्)

    Ekavira एकवीरा- unique or pre-eminent heroine, highly brave [It was the name of daughter of lord Shiva .It is feminine form of एकवीर

    $ Ekajata एकजटा- having a twisted lock of hair (as ascetics), it is the name of a godess. Here एक means one + जटा means twisted lock of hair

    Evayavati एवायावती- going quickly. It is feminine of एवायावत्

    $ Ekeshvari एकेश्वरी- supreme goddess, supreme queen
    Here एक means supreme, chief + ईश्वरी means queen, goddess

    Ekaa एका- unity, union, a name of godess Durga

    $ Eti एति- arrival, approach

    Ekaparna एकपर्णा- ‘living upon one leaf’, Goddess Durga.Here एक means one + पर्णा means having leaf

    $ Ekaparnika एकपर्णिका- ‘living upon one leaf’, Goddess Durga .Here एक means single + पर्णिका means leaf

    Ekapushpa एकपुष्पा- ‘producing only one blossom’, Name of a plant. Here एक means one + पुष्पा means blossom

    $ Ekamayi एकमयी- uniform, consisting of one. It is feminine form of एकमय

    Ekamoola एकमूला- Common Flax, A medicinal plant known for psychedelic effects [Desmodium Gangeticum- Bot.]

    $ Ekayashti एकयष्टि- ornament consisting of a single pearl. Here एक means a single + यष्टि means pearl ornament

    Ekayashtika एकयष्टिका- ornament consisting of a single pearl

    $ Ekarajyi एकराज्ञी- absolute queen, the only queen. Here एक means only, absolute + राज्ञी means queen

    Ekavrata एकव्रता- obedient or devoted to only one person.It is feminine of एकव्रत

    $ Ekashayini एकशायिनी- chaste lady (sleeping alone). Here एक means alone + शायिनी means sleeping lady

    Ekashringa एकशृङ्गा/एकशृंगा -unicorn, pre-eminent, having but one peak. It is feminine of एकशृङ्ग .Here शृङ्ग means peak, horn, eminent

    $ Ekashrushti एकश्रुष्टि- obedient to one
    command.It is joining of एक+श्रुष्टि

    Ekastha एकस्था- standing together, conjoined.Here एक means one + स्था means standing

    $ Ekakshara एकाक्षरा- the sole imperishable thing, a single syllable.It is feminine of एकाक्षर .Here एक means one +अक्षर means imperishable, syllable

    Ekagryaa एकाग्र्या- closely attention

    $ Ekanjali एकाञ्जलि/एकांजलि- one handful. Here एक means one +अञ्जलि means handful

    Ekanansha एकानंशा- “the single portionless one”, Durga, name of the new moon

    $ Ekavali एकावली- a single row, single string of pearls or beads or flowers . Here एक means single + अवली/अवलि means row, string of pearls, flowers

    Ekashtaka एकाष्टका- 8th day after full moon (esp. of month माघ)

    $ Ekashti एकाष्टी- a pod or seed of cotton

    Ekanibha एकनिभा- single, uniform. It is feminine of एकनिभ

    $ Ejita एजिता- to shine

    Enika एणिका / एनिका- a female antelope. In ancient time it was the name of a woman

    $ Etaa एता -a hind

    Etavaddha एतावद्धा- so many fold

    Eraka एरका- a kind of grass of emollient and diluent properties

    $ Eraki एरकी- a species of plants

    Eraa एरा- an ewe

    $ Edaka एडका- an ewe
    ♥ Evaya एवया- going quickly
    $ Eshti एष्टि- wish, desire,”seeking to go towards”

    Ehaa एहा- desirous. It is feminine of एह

    ■ Elavali एलावली- a species of plant
    😆 Eranda एरण्डा- Name of a charm, long pepper
    ● Elayati एलयति- to keep still, to become quiet
    ■ Elaparni एलापर्णी – Himalayan Mimosa [ Mimosa Octendra -Bot.]