100 Hindu Boy Names Starting With Aa

What’s in a name? Everything is! A person’s name is the greatest connection to their identity. It means a lot to that person and the ones’ around him/her. It’s the way to address that person. Imagine a world with no names. Parents are often excited about naming their children. We recommend one must take enough time and care when thinking of names. It is supposed to have a great impact on the child. The names need to resonate well into adulthood, research suggests. 

Parents these days want to find unique names for their children. A blend of traditional and modern names. It’s like a trend. Every year will see a surge of specific sounds that do the rounds, e.g. The last few years are witnessing Arabic names – they are trendy, crisp, sound stylish, and perhaps easy to pronounce. Similar trends are seen this year as well. Names starting with alphabet A and sound Aa are thought to be soothing to ears.

With that in mind, we have curated a list of 100 Hindu boy names starting with Aa. Go ahead and select the one which goes perfectly well with you and your unborn.

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Here are the best Hindu boy names starting with Aa:

Indian Baby Boy names starting with AaMeaningIndian Baby Boy names starting with AaMeaning
AachitFull of, Heaped, AccumulatedAarinFull of joy, Mountain strength
AakarshanAttractionAarishFirst ray of the Sun
AadveyUniqueAarithHonoured, Admired
AadhavThe SunAarnavOcean, Wave, Sea
AadhiThe BeginningAarnikUnique
AadhidevLord Vishnu, The Lord of the LordsAarohanAscent, Lord Shiva
AadhijayThe first victoryAarohitClever
Aadhijith  The first victoryAarshBright, Crown, Pure, Worshipped
AadhikGreater, To ruleAarshayOf sacred Descent
AadhirajThe First KingAarshabhLord Krishna
AadhiroopHonest, Independent, OriginalAarshilSmile
AadhishLord ShivaAarshinPious
AadhikshDiplomatic, RefinedAarshitHappiness
AadhrikAwesome, WonderfulAarthikMeaningful
AadhritLord Vishnu, One who doesn’t need Support but supports everyoneAarudhElevated
AadhunikModern, NewAarushFirst ray of the Sun, Brilliant, Calm
AadhinathLord Vishnu, the first GodAarvikIndependent
AadhityaThe SunAarvinBest
AadhitPeak, The Sun, FirstAaryaFaithful, Wise, Benevolent
AadhivDelicate, BeautifulAaryadevLord Ram, Noble
AadhvayUnique, The OneAaryamaanSon of the Sun
AadhvikUniqueAaryanshA part of Lord Ram, Noble
AadhyantInfinite, from beginning to endAaryavNoble Person
AadhyanshAlways ascending, Portion/part of GodAashankFaith, fearless
AadhyotPraise, BrilliantAashitMost intelligent
AadrikRising SunAashikLoving, Lovable
AadvitDifferentAashukQuick, Swift
AagnivHonest PersonAasthikSon of Arjun
AahanDawn, Sunrise, The first ray of lightAashishBlessings
AahishBlessing of GodAashrayShelter, Dependable
AanjayUnconquerable, WinnerAashritLord Vishnu, Ruler
AanvikPride of Love, PowerfulAashvikGod’s grace
AakankshHope, DesireAashvitOcean
AakashThe SkyAastikOne who has Faith in God
AakeshLord of the SkyAagamArrival
AakritShapeAatmajayVictory over one’s self
AalapMusical, Musical CompositionAathmikSpiritual
AalokLord Shiva, LightAateeshExplosive, Dynamic
AamodPleasantAatreyName of a sage, A clan
AanavOcean, King, Rich, GenerousAavanWater, Owns the Earth
AanshPortion, DayAavikWarm Hearted, Kind
AaradhWorship, PrayerAavirBrave, Strong, One who fights for Peace
AaradhitAccomplished, WorshippedAaveshLord Shiva, Lord of the Universe
AarajeshPositive Wish, ThoughtAayanshThe Sun, The first ray of light
AaravPeacefulAayudhShastra (Epics)
AarivOne who seeks the right directionAayurLord Vishnu/Shiva
AarjayCleverAayushAge, Long Lived, One with Long life
AariketLord Ganesh, Against desireAayushmanBlessed with Long life

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by P. Lavanya

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