20 Best Baby Names Starting With Letter R

Have you already set up a nursery? Your due date is around the corner? Have you done online newborn baby shopping? If the answers to all the above questions is a big YES, then we are certain that you must have already decided the name for your little prince or/and princess! Not yet? No worry here. We have got you covered. In order to take the stress off your mind, we bring to you a list of best baby names for a boy and a girl. Select from these options that are traditional as well as modern:Best baby names 1

Finalizing a name for your newborn can be a task (and fun too). Especially if you are looking for one starting with a specific letter. And afterall, this one name will become the identity of your child. This one name shall stay with him/her for the rest of his/her whole life. It will define your child’s personality. Aren’t you excited to take a look at our top baby boy names and (exclusive) top baby girl names?
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Best baby names – baby boy:

(meaning has been mentioned against each name)

Raben: King of all

Rahal: Attachment

Rahan: Big (heart-ed)

Rasik: Connoisseur (lover of fine things)

Ratul: Sweet

Raul: Versatile

Raven: A bird

Ravit: The Sun

Renit: Victory

Revant: Son of Lord Surya

Revanth: Horse Rider

Reyaan/ Reyan: Fame

Reyansh: Vishnus Ansh

Rian: Kingly

Ridan/ Ridhaan: Searcher/Explorer

Ridit: World Known

Rihan/Rihaan: Destroyer of enemies

Rikin: Glory

Rishaan: Lord Shiva

Riyaarth: Lord BrahmaBest baby names 2

Top baby girl names:

(meaning has been mentioned against each name)

Raaida: The one who leads

Raawiya: The one who is a transmitter of Ancient Arabic poetry

Rabeea: Garden OR Rabia- The one who is famous/Godly

Radhana: Speech

Radhiyaa: The one who is content

Ramani: A pretty girl

Ramra: Splendor

Raniya: Gazing

Rashmika: A beam of light

Rasika: Connoisseur (lover of fine things in life)

Ravati: A mythical princess

Raya: Flow

Rehana: A sweet smelling plant

Renika: Song

Reva: Goddess Durga

Rhea/Rhia/ Ria: Singer

Rochi: Light

Rouble: Money

Rubaina: Bright

Ryka: Born out of a prayer

If you have more names to add to this list, feel free to leave them in our comment section. Also, let us know which one was your favorite from our suggested list.

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  1. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    @ Aindav ऐन्दव -relating to the moon , like the moon ,lunar ,the planet Mercury
    ▶ Aidh ऐध -flame ,splendour, ardour,power
    ¤ Aitash ऐतश -Name of a sage( Muni)
    * Aineya ऐणेय -produced or coming from the female black antelope,
    belonging to anything which is
    produced from the female black antelope ,the black antelope, a kind of coitus
    * Ain ऐण -produced from or belonging to the male black antelope

    Aidak ऐडक -a species of sheep

    ◀ Aidavid/Aidvid ऐडविड -a descendant of iDA, Name of Kuvera,
    Name of a son of Dasharatha
    * Aid ऐड -containing anything that refreshes or strengthens ,ending in or containing the word [ iDā ] (as a
    Sāman) ,descended from IDā
    @ Aingud ऐङ्गुद/ ऐंगुद -coming
    from the plant Inguda ,the fruit of that plant
    ▲ Aikshav ऐक्षव -made of or
    produced from the sugar-cane ,sugar

    Aikshuk ऐक्षुक -suitable for sugar-cane, bearing sugar-cane

    ♧ Aikya ऐक्य -oneness ,unity ,harmony ,sameness ,identity of the human soul or of the universe
    with the Deity,an aggregate ,sum
    (in math.) the product of the length and depth of excavations differing in depth
    * Aikarthya ऐकार्थ्य -oneness of aim or intention oneness or unity of an idea, sameness of meaning
    $ Aihik ऐहिक -of this place ,of this world ,worldly ,local ,temporal
    * Aishtak ऐष्टक -made of bricks (as a house), the sacrificial bricks collectively,putting up the bricks
    @ Aileya ऐलेय -Nameof the planet Mars
    * Ailak ऐलक -coming from the sheep
    * Ailab ऐलब -noise, cry ,roaring
    ▼ Ailavil/Ailawil ऐलविल -a descendant of Ilavila, Name of Dilīpa, a descendant of Ilavilā ,Name of Kuvera
    ★ Ailik ऐलिक -a descendant of Ilinī ,Name of Jansu (father of Dushyanta)
    ☆ Ailush/Ailoosh ऐलूष -a descendant of Ilūsha ,Name of Kavasha (author of a Vedic hymn)
    ◀ Aish ऐश -relating to or coming from Shiva ,
    Shiva-like ,divine ,supreme ,regal.
    ♣ Aishik ऐशिक -relating to lord Shiva

    Aisheek ऐषीक -consisting of stalks, made of reeds or cane (as a missile), treating of missiles made of reeds

    ♥ Aishya ऐश्य -supremacy ,power
    ◀ Aishan/Aishaan ऐशान -relating to or coming from Shiva, belonging to Shiva’s quarter ,north-eastern
    * Aikantik ऐकान्तिक -absolute , necessary ,complete, exclusive
    * Aikantya ऐकान्त्य -exclusiveness , absoluteness
    * Aikang ऐकाङ्ग -a soldier who acts as body-guard
    * Aikatmya ऐकात्म्य -unity of the soul, unity of being, oneness ,identity
    oneness with the Supreme Spirit
    @ Aikamukhya ऐकमुख्य -unanimity
    * Aikamatya ऐकमत्य -unanimity , conformity or sameness of opinions
    ,having conformity of opinions, conforming ,agreeing
    ▲ Aikapऐकपत्य -sovereignty of one , absolute monarchy
    @ Ail ऐल -a descendant of Ilā ,Name of Purūravas,
    Name of the planet Mars, plenty or abundance
    of food or refreshment, a particular number
    ◀ Airavat/Airawat ऐरावत -a descendant of Irā-vat, “produced from the ocean” ,Name of Indra’s
    elephant (considered as the prototype of the elephant race and the supporter of the east quarter, a species of elephant, the tree Artocarpus Lacucha, the orange tree, Name of a particular portion of the moon’s path, a kind of rainbow,
    * Air ऐर -relating to or consisting of water or refreshment or food ,a heap or plenty of food or refreshment
    @ Airanmad ऐरंमद -coming from sheet-lightning, a descendant of Agni ,Name of Devamuni (author
    of a Vedic hymn)
    @ Aindhan ऐन्धन -produced from fuel (as fire)
    * Aindri ऐन्द्रि -a descendant of Indra, Name of Jayanta ,Name of Arjuna, name of the monkey-king Vālin, a crow
    @ Aindragn ऐन्द्राग्न -sacred or belonging to or
    coming from Indra and Agni, the Nakshatra Viśākhā
    * Aindranil ऐन्द्रनील -made of sapphire
    ◀ Aindra/Aindr ऐन्द्र -belonging to or sacred to Indra ,coming or proceeding from Indra ,similar
    to lord Indra
    * Airin ऐरिण -fossil or rock salt
    ● Anjan अञ्जन/अंजन -Name of a fabulous, serpent, Name of a tree Pañcat. Name of a mountain, name of a king of मिथिला, of the elephant of the west or south-west quarter,
    act of applying an ointment or pigment, embellishing, black pigment or collyrium applied to the eyelashes or the inner coat of the
    eyelids, a special kind of this pigment, as lamp-black, Antimony, extract of Ammonium, Xanthorrhiza ,
    paint, especially as a cosmetic
    magic ointment, ink, night ,fire, (In rhetoric) making clear the meaning of an equivocal expression, double entendre or pun, a kind of domestic lizard
    * Anjanakesh/Anjankesh अञ्जनकेश/ अंजनकेश
    whose hair (or mane) is as black as pigment. Here अञ्जन means pigment + केश means hair
    @ Anjanavat/Anjanwat अञ्जनवत्/अंजनवत् -like collyrium

    Aaragay आरागय -to gladden highly,

    to obtain, to relish
    ~ Aaragit आरागित- pleased,
    * Aragr/Aaragr आराग्र -the point of an awl ,the iron thong at the end (of a whip), the edge of a semicircular arrow-head, sharpened, sharp at the top and broad at the bottom like an awl. Here आरा means awl + अग्र means edge

    Aarat आरात् -from a distant place

    distant, to a distant place, far from
    directly, immediately
    ♥ Aratrik आरात्रिक -the light (or the vessel containing it) which is waved at night before an idol, Name of this ceremony.

    Aradh/Aaradh आराध- gratification, paying homage

    Aradhak/Aaradhak आराधक -worshipping, a worshipper
    ☆ Aradhan/Aaradhan आराधन-
    propitiating, rendering favourable to one’s self, gratifying, propitiation, homage, worship, adoration,
    effecting, acquirement, attainment

    Aradhaniya आराधनीय -to be worshipped or adored, to be propitiated or conciliated

    ▲ Aradhay आराधय -propitiating, doing homage
    * Aradhayishnu आराधयिष्णु -wishing or endeavouring to conciliate, propitiatory
    ♥ Aradhit/Aaradhit आराधित – propitiated, pleased, solicited for a boon, worshipped, honoured,
    accomplished, effected.
    ▲ Anyadrish अन्यादृश -looking different, of another kind or nature. Here अन्या means different + दृश means appearance

    Anyadriksh अन्यादृक्ष -of another kind, like another, strange .Here अन्या means another + दृक्ष means appearance

    ◀ Aanardh आनर्ध -to grow, increase,
    prosper, succeed, accomplish, to be promoted
    ◀ Aarsh आर्ष -relating or belonging to or derived from ऋषि/Rishis ( i.e. the poets of the Vedic and other old hymns), archaistic
    a form of marriage derived from the Rishi or Saints (the father of the bride receiving one or two pairs of
    kine from the bridegroom), the speech of a ऋषि/Rishi , the holy text, the वेद ,sacred descent
    ● Aarshabh आर्षभ -coming from or produced by a bull ,a descendant of ऋषभ/Rishabha
    * Aarsheya आर्षेय -relating or belonging to or derived from a ऋषि (Rishi), of sacred descent, venerable, respectable, Name of अग्नि(fire-god),
    sacred descent
    ♧ Aarsheyavat/Aarsheyawat आर्षेयवत्
    -connected with sacred descent

    Arakt अरक्त -undyed

    @ Arak अरक -the spoke of a wheel,
    the जैन division of time called अर, the plant Blyxa Octandra,another plant, Gardenia Enneandra
    ● Arangush अरंघुष -sounding aloud
    ▲ Arangam अरंगम -coming near (in order to help), ready to help, ‘going fast’, quick
    ◇ Arankrit अरंकृत -prepared, ready
    @ Aram अरम् -readily, fitly, suitably, so as to answer a purpose, enough, sufficiently
    ◀ Ar अर swift, speedy, little (only for the etym. of उदर), ‘going’ ,the spoke or radius of a wheel, the spoke of an altar formed like a wheel, a spoke of the time-wheel, viz. a जैन division of
    time (the sixth of an अवसर्पिणी or उत्सर्पिणी), the eighteenth जैन saint of the present अवसर्पिणी, Name of an ocean in ब्रह्मा ‘s world (only for a
    mystical interpretation of अरण्य ),
    the spoke of a wheel
    @ Kirtan कीर्तन -mentioning, repeating, saying, celebrating, (also) a monument, a temple

    Kirtaniya कीर्तनीय -to be mentioned or named or celebrated

    Kirtanya कीर्तन्य -deserving to be mentioned or related
    Kirtayat कीर्तयत् -mentioning, relating
    ♥ Kirtikar कीर्तिकर -conferring fame. Here कीर्ति
    means fame + कर means conferring
    ☆ Kirtit/Keertit कीर्तित -said, mentioned,
    celebrated known, notorious
    ◀ Kirtish कीर्तीश -lord of fame, renown or glorious lord
    .Here कीर्ति means fame + ईश means lord
    ▲ Kirtitavya कीर्तितव्य -to be praised
    ♥ Kirtidhar कीर्तिधर- famed, glorious. Here कीर्ति means fame + धर means bearing
    ▼ Kirtibhaj कीर्तिभज् -enjoying reputation, renowned.Here कीर्ति means reputation + भज् means enjoying/Having
    ◆ Kirtibhaaj कीर्तिभाज् -‘receiving fame, famous’, Name of द्रोणाचार्य. Here कीर्ति means fame + भाज् means receiving
    Kirtimant कीर्तिमन्त्- glorious, celebrated. Here कीर्ति means glory + मन्त् means having
    @ Kirtimat कीर्तिमत् -praised, famous
    ▼ Kirtimay कीर्तिमय -consisting of fame. Here कीर्ति means fame + मय means consisting of
    ◀ Kirtiyut कीर्तियुत -famous. Here कीर्ति means fame + युत means having
    ♧ Kirtiraj कीर्तिराज -lord of fame, chief among famed peoples, Name of a ऋषि. Here कीर्ति means fame + राज means king/lord/chief
    Kirt/Keert कीर्त् -to mention, tell, call, recite ,repeat,declare, communicate, commemorate, celebrate,glorify

    Kirtya कीर्त्य -‘to be recited or celebrated’

    @ Mauliratn मौलिरत्न- a crest
    gem, jewel worn in a diadem.
    Here मौलि means crest + रत्न
    means jewel
    ▶ Maul मौल -derived from roots
    (as poison), handed down from
    antiquity, ancient (as a custom),
    holding office from previous
    generations, hereditary (as a
    warrior or minister), aboriginal,
    an hereditary minister (holding
    his office from father and
    aboriginal inhabitants who have
    * Maulik मौलिक -producing roots,
    fundamental, derived from a
    root, original, of low origin, a
    digger or vendor of roots
    ◀ Maulin मौलिन् -having anything
    uppermost or turned upwards,
    being at the head, chief, having a
    diadem or crown, diademed,
    crested (also applied to lord
    ◆ Mauliprishth मौलिपृष्ठ -the
    crown of the head.
    ☆ Maulibandh मौलिबन्ध -a diadem
    for the head. Here मौलि means
    head + बन्ध means diadem
    @ Maulimandan मौलिमण्डन -head
    ornament. Here मौलि means head
    + मण्डन means ornament
    ♥ Maulindu मौलीन्दु – the moon
    on ( Shiva’s/ शिव ‘s) head. Here
    मौलि means head + इन्दु means
    ♣ Maulya मौल्य -being at the
    root, मूल्य ,price
    @ Maulyabharan मौल्याभरण -a
    head ornament. Here मौल्य
    means head + आभरण means
    * Manohar मनोहर -‘heart-stealing’,
    fascinating, attractive, charming,
    beautiful, the third day of the
    civil month ( कर्म-मास ). Here मनः
    means heart + हर means stealing
    ☆ Manohlad मनोह्लाद – joy of the
    heart. Here मनः means heart +
    ह्लाद means joy
    @ Manohladin मनोह्लादिन् –
    gladdening the heart. Here मनः
    means heart + ह्लादिन् means
    ◀ Manovir/Manoveer मनोवीर-
    “brave-hearted”, courageous
    man. Here मनः means heart + वीर
    means brave
    ♥ Mridu मृदु -soft, delicate, pliant,
    gentle, weak, slight, moderate,
    slow (gait), (in astron.) situated
    in the upper apsis, the planet
    softness, mildness, gentleness
    * Mriduk मृदुक -soft, tender
    @ Mridukam मृदुकम् -softly, gently,
    ☆ Mridukop मृदुकोप -mild in
    wrath, of a gentle nature. Here
    मृदु means mild + कोप means in
    ▲ Mridugamin मृदुगामिन् -going
    softly, having a soft or gentle
    gait. Here मृदु means gentle, slow
    + गामिन् means going
    ♧ Mridugir मृदुगिर् -soft-voiced.
    मृदु means soft + गिर् means voice
    * Mriducharmin मृदुचर्मिन् -Betula
    Bhojpatra. Here मृद means soft +
    चर्मिन् means bark (skin)
    ♣ Mriduchhad मृदुच्छद -Betula
    Bhojpatra, a species of पिलु tree,
    Blumea Lacera, a tree similar to
    the vine-palm, Amphidonax
    a species of grass = शिल्पिका .Here
    मृदु means soft + च्छद means bark
    ★ Mridul मृदुल -soft, gentle ,mild,
    moderate. Here मृदु means
    softness + ल from word लाति(ला)
    means having, taking
    @ Mridun मृदुन- moderate, gentle,

    Mriduvach/Mriduwach मृदुवाच्-

    soft or sweet voiced. Here मृदु
    means soft + वाच् means voice
    ♧ Mulik/Moolik मूलिक -original,
    primary, principal, living on
    an ascetic, a seller of roots
    * Maulikya मौलिक्य- family priest
    (house chaplain), primary

    Meaning of Girl names in Sanskrit
    ♣ Raukmi रौक्मी -golden ,adorned with gold. It is feminine of रौक्म
    ♥ Raudri रौद्री -relating or belonging to or coming from Rudra or the Rudras ,violent ,Impetuous ,fierce, Name of the Nakshatra Ārdrā when
    under Rudra, Name of Gaurī
    (goddess Parvati), one of the 9 Samidhs, (in music.) a partic. Shruti
    a partic. Mūrchanā (melody)
    @ Raupyi रौप्यी -made of silver or resembling silver ,silvery ,silver. It is feminine of रौप्य
    ☆ Rauhishi रौहिषी-a doe of the
    Rauhisha species, a creeper, Dūrvā or some other kind of grass.
    ● Rauhi रौही -the female of a
    particular kind of deer

    Ratini रातिनी -containing gifts or oblations (as a sacrificial ladle). It is feminine of रातिन्

    ● Rakshoghni राक्षोघ्नी -relating to the slayer of a demon
    * Ragada रागदा -colour-giving, crystal. Here राग means colour + दा means giving
    ☆ Rodasi रोदसी -heaven and earth, Name of lightning as wife of Rudra
    companion of the Maruts ,the earth
    * Rodasipra रोदसिप्रा -filling heaven and earth. Here रोदसि means heaven & earth + प्रा means filling

    Ropana रोपणा -causing to grow,

    healing, putting ,the act of setting up or erecting , raising, the act of planting ,setting, transplanting, sowing, healing or a healing application (used for sores). It is derived from word रोपण
    ☆ Ropita रोपिता -caused to grow, raised, elevated, fixed ,directed, aimed (as an arrow), committed,
    set ,planted. It is derived from word रोपित

    Ropini रोपिनी -raising ,erecting ,setting, planting. It is feminine of रोपिन्

    Ropanaka रोपणाका -a kind of bird, “a thrush”, cuckoo

    Rahasu रहसू -(a woman) bringing forth a child in secret. Here रह means secret + सू means to bring forth child

    ◀ Raka राका -the goddess presiding over the actual day of full moon (or regarded as the Full Moon’s consort
    ; Anumati is supposed to preside over the previous day), the day of full moon, full moon, a girl in whom menstruation has begun, itch
    * Rakanisha राकानिशा -the night of full moon. Here राका means full moon + निशा means night
    @ Raati राति -ready or willing to give, generous ,favourable ,gracious, a favour ,grace ,gift
    ◀ Ririhi/Rireehi रिरीहि -to grant ,give, bestow ,impart ,yield ,surrender
    ♥ Rarima ररिमा -grant ,give ,bestow , impart ,yield ,surrender. It is feminine of ररिम
    ◀ Rajdara राजदारा -a kings’s wife, queen. Here राज means king/royal + दारा means woman
    @ Rajadarika/Rajdarika राजदारिका -kings’s daughter ,princess. Here राज means king + दारिका means girl

    Rajakula/Rajkula राजकुला -belonging to royal family

    ◀ Rajata राजता -kingship ,royalty
    ,sovereignty ,government
    * Rajatanaya/Rajtanaya राजतनया -“a kings’s daughter” ,a princess. Here राज means royal + तनया means daughter
    * Rajakanyaka/Rajkanyaka राजकन्यका
    -a king’s daughter, princess. Here राज means royal + कन्यका means girl
    ◀ Rajakanya/Rajkanya राजकन्या -princess, a kind of flower. Here राज means king + कन्या means girl
    ♥ Rajata/Rajta राजता -kingship , royalty, sovereignty ,government
    ★ Ramaduti/Ramdooti/Ramduti रामदूती -“Rāma’s messenger ” ,a kind of basil. Here राम means lord Ram + दूती means messenger
    ■ Ratryahani रात्र्यहनी -night and day. Here रात्रि means night + अहनी means day
    ♧ Ratrika रात्रिका -night
    @ Ratrija रात्रिजा -“night-born” ,a star. Here रात्रि means night + जा means born
    ♣ Pavitra/Pawitra पवित्रा- purifying, averting evil, pure, holy, sacred, sinless, beneficent, Holy basil, (Ocymum sanctum.)
    * Pavita/Pawita पविता -purified, cleansing
    @ Pavitrakirti पवित्रकीर्ति of spotless renown
    ♧ Pavitravati/Pawitrawati -पवित्रवती having a purifying instrument (as a
    strainer or दर्भ grass), cleansing, purifying

    ◀ Kirtya/Kirtyaa कीर्त्या- “with fame”, famed, renown, glorious
    ● Kirti कीर्ति mention, making
    mention of, speech, good report, fame, renown, glory, Fame (personified as daughter of दक्ष and wife of धर्म ), (in music) a particular measure or time,extension, palace, temple, expansion, lustre
    * Kirtikari कीर्तिकरी -conferring fame. Here कीर्ति means renown + करी means conferring

    Kirtikara कीर्तिकरा -conferring fame. Here कीर्ति means fame + कर/करा means conferring

    Kirtita कीर्तिता -said, mentioned,
    celebrated, notorious. It is feminine of कीर्तित
    @ Kirtimati कीर्तिमती -famed, glorious,Name of Dakshayani /दाक्षायणी. Here कीर्ति means fame + मती means one having
    ● Kirtimayi कीर्तिमयी -consisting of fame. Here कीर्ति means glory + मयी means having
    @ Kirtimalini कीर्तिमालिनी- ‘garlanded with fame’ .Here कीर्ति means fame+ मालिनी means garlanded
    Kirtiyuta कीर्तियुता -famous. Here कीर्ति means fame युग/युता means consisting/having
    @ Kirtidhara कीर्तिधरा -famed, renown. Here कीर्ति means fame + धरा means bearing
    ★ Kirtana कीर्तना -fame, mentioning, celebrating
    Kirtayanti कीर्तयन्ती- Praising, celebrating
    ♥ Shuchina शुचिना -shining, glowing,
    bright, white, clear,clean, pure, unsullied ,honest, virtuous
    ◀ Shuchini शुचिनी- bright, clean, pure, white, virtuous
    ☆ Shuchiti शुचिति shining, radiant,
    brilliantly white, white, clear, pure,
    undefiled, innocent, honest, virtuous
    ☆ Sheetali/Shitali शीतली -cold, cool,
    shivering, frosty,cold i.e. free from passion, calm, Name of an Yogic exercise (Pranayama)
    Shitala/Sheetala शीतला -cool, cold
    Pistia Stratiotes, a red cow, small-pox, the goddess inflicting small-pox

    ◀ Mridvi/Mridwi मृद्वी -soft, delicate, pliant, gentle ,slight, moderate,
    slow (gait)It is feminine of मृदु. It is joining of मृदु + ई
    ♥ Mriduka मृदुका -soft, delicate woman, Name of an Apsara
    * Mridugamana मृदुगमना – having a slow gait’, a goose, female swan. Here मृदु means soft + गमन/गमना means going
    * Mridugamini मृदुगामिनी- going softly, having a soft or gentle gait. Here मृदु means soft/gentle + गामिनी means going(female)
    ★ Manohara मनोहरा -‘heart-stealing’, fascinating, attractive, beautiful,
    Jasminum Multiflorum or Pubescens
    . Here मनः means heart + हरा means to steal/attract
    ♧ Manohari मनोहरी -‘heart-stealing ‘,
    attractive, charming, beautiful,
    Piper Longum. Here मनः means heart + हरी means stealing/attract

    Manoharini मनोहारिणी -Beautiful, pleasing, attractive. Here मनः means heart + हारिणी means attracting

    Manohva मनोह्वा -red arsenic (मनोऽभिधा )

    @ Manohlada मनोह्लादा -joy of the heart Here मन: means heart + ह्लाद/ह्लादा means joy
    @ Manohladini मनोह्लादिनी -gladdening the heart. It is feminine of मनोह्लादिन् . Here मनः means heart + ह्लादिनी means gladdening
    ◀ Mridva मृद्वा- delicate, gentle, soft
    ♥ Mriduna मृदुना- gentle, soft, mild
    ◀ Mriduni मृदुनी- gentle, soft, moderate
    ☆ Mridula मृदुला- soft, delicate, moderate. Here मृदु means softness + ला means having/taking
    ● Mriduta मृदुता -softness, tenderness, mildness, weakness
    ◀ Mauli मौलि -the head, the top of anything, chief, foremost, best,
    Jonesia Asoka, a diadem, crown, crest, a tuft or lock of hair left on the crown of the head after tonsure, a top-knot (= चूडा) ,hair ornamented & braided round the head (=धम्मिल्ल )
    the earth
    * Maulie मौली -the earth
    ♥ Maulini मौलिनी -having anything uppermost or turned upwards,
    being at the head, chief, having a diadem or crown, diademed, crested. It is feminine of मौलिन्
    * Maulimala मौलिमाला -a crown/wreath worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + माला means wreath
    @ Maulimalika मौलिमालिका -a crown worn on the head. Here मौलि means head + मालिका means wreath
    ▶ Maula मौला -derived from roots (as poison), handed down from antiquity , ancient (as a custom), holding office from previous generations,
    hereditary (as a minister or warrior)
    aboriginal, indigenous, native. It is feminine form of word मौल
    @ Maulimani मौलिमणि -a crest gem, jewel worn in a diadem