ABC phonics 01

Top 4 ABC phonics videos for easy alphabet learning

Dear parents, how many of you think teaching alphabets can be quite a task? Take a look at 4 beautiful YouTube videos on ABC phonics.

Parenting with love and logic 04

Parenting with love and logic

This past week has been rough. I realized that being opinionated can be a challenge. Could relate so much to Sandra’s post on real parenting.

Bold and bald 02

Bold and Bald

This morning you weren’t quite yourself. I mean, you woke up all cranky. So, I thought you were hungry and I fed you some banana milkshake. I decided to relax you by massaging your forehead and just when I started doing it, I got so emotional.

I am a mother 01

I am a mother

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 29, 2015 Here is a short poem about a woman who is a wife and a mother. Yes! I am a mother and that’s what I answer when I am asked what do I do all day long.. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, who goes…